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Dubai Duty-Free Ticket

DDF Raffle

Dubai, also called the ‘Eye of Asia,’ is a man-made marvel with an inspiring tale of transformation. From a sleepy Arabian fishing hamlet, it is today one of the most iconic cities in the world. There are many firsts to its name. Burj Khalifa, the Museum of the Future, the world’s biggest frame, the dancing fountains, the ship-shaped 7-star Burj Al Arab, and many more such phenomenal feats have been achieved on this soil.

Dubai is synonymous with luxury, wealth, and prestige. The city is always buzzing with life, and what takes things a notch higher is the unquenchable ecosystem to come up with unique propositions. One such unicity of the city is the Dubai Duty-Free (DDF) Ticket. It is a ticket to becoming a millionaire or accomplishing dreams that are not ordinarily fulfilled. Let’s get to know more about this duty-free raffle that attracts hundreds of people, natives, and expats in each series.

What is Dubai Duty-Free Ticket?

A lottery or a lucky draw that can make you rich within minutes, the Duty-Free Raffle, as it is also called, is one of the most popular lottos in this part of the world. The DDF Raffle has been around for almost two decades, making the Middle East even more interesting for travelers and locals alike.

The Millennium Millionaire, a very sought-after category of the Raffle, was launched in 1999 and has remained a key attraction in the city. It is called the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire because the lucky draw started just before the start of the Millennium.

The draw witnesses the sale of about 5,000 tickets, of which one lucky buyer wins about a million dollars (1 Million USD) per series.  The series is usually spaced within 2-3 weeks of each other. The ticket price is AED 1,000.

Winner Categories

The DDF Raffle has three categories to choose from. These are –

Millennium Millionaire

This is the most sought-after lottery, as the prize money is USD 1 million. It is one of the biggest awards in the city. The ticket for Millennium Millionaire costs AED 1,000 per ticket. The tickets can be purchased at the Al Maktoum Dubai International Airport at the DDF retail points or the Dubai International Airport. Alternatively, one can also buy the ticket online at the official website of Dubai Duty-Free, which is

Finest Surprise Car

This is the next category of award that has been around since 1989. The ticket for this lottery draw costs AED 500 per ticket. Winners can take home a top-end luxury car from brands like Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and Porsche. In addition, there are special series held in this category where winners can win cars from brands like Aston Martin, McLaren, and Bentley. Tickets can be bought online at the official website:

Finest Surprise Motorbike

This lotto category was also introduced in 1989. The cost of each ticket is AED 100. Winners take home some of the finest motorbike models from brands like BMW, Harley Davidson, Indian brands, etc. Only 1,200 tickets are allowed in this category, even though buyers are permitted to buy more than one ticket at a time.  Tickets can be purchased online at the official website:

Summarizing the DDF Raffle

  • Timing: The Raffle occurs once every 14 or 21 days.
  • Location: The draw happens at the Dubai Duty-Free Shopping Complex.
  • Process: The purchased tickets are kept in a raffle box. The winner is decided through a lucky draw. The entire proceeding gets recorded on the camera for authenticity.
  • Cost of Each Ticket: AED 1,000 per ticket for Millennium Millionaire; the Finest Surprise Car tickets cost AED 500, and the Finest Surprise Motorbike tickets cost AED 100.
  • Where to Buy: From the Dubai Duty-Free complex at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at the Al Maktoum International Airport as well as the Dubai International Airport. The most convenient option is to buy the tickets online from the official website of DDF. Locals can purchase the tickets from the Irish Village Shop, Aviation Club Pro Shop, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, and Hatta Border Shop.

Introducing DDF

Dubai Duty-Free is a shopping zone covering an area of 40,000 sq. meters approximately. The entire complex has been made to cover both airports in Dubai. As a result, it has become one of the city’s retail hotspots, especially for vacationers and travelers. The place has numerous campaigns and activities ongoing throughout the year. The Raffle is one of the most popular ones.

DDF was inaugurated about 39 years ago. On 20 December 1983, DDF went live and has become one of the world’s foremost travel retail operators. DDF, however, is not just another retail complex. It actively invests in expanding and developing its offerings at the Al Maktoum and Dubai International Airports.

DDF has been recognized at various international forums. It has bagged the ‘Airport Retailer of the Year’ award ten times.


The Dubai Duty-Free Raffle is a prestigious lottery and one that is extremely popular amongst local Emiratis and international travelers. The Millennium Millionaire has been won by many since its inception, but only eight participants have won the prize money twice, which is an impressive feat. Remember, this is a one-in-a-5000 chance to become a millionaire! Similarly, the other two categories are equally loved by automobile enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will shopping at DDF automatically entitle me to a DDF Ticket?

The Dubai Duty-Free Ticket is a separate transaction. Shopping at the Duty-Free complex does not entitle you to a ticket. Instead, you need to buy a ticket for the lucky draw. 

Do I need to travel to Dubai to be eligible for DDF Raffle?

You do not have to travel to Dubai to be eligible to buy a ticket and be a part of the lucky draw. You can purchase the tickets online. The only aspect you need to check before buying the tickets is to ensure that your country is listed in the drop-down menu on the page. 

Is the draw live for me to follow?

The DDF draw is shown live on the Facebook page of Dubai Duty-Free. Even the recording is uploaded after the draw for ticket buyers and others.

Is my money refunded once the draw is over?

No, your money is not refunded once the ticket has been purchased and the lottery series is drawn. 

In case I win, how is the money transferred?

The money will be credited to your bank account. The process takes about 3-4 weeks. 

If I win the Finest Surprise Motorbike or the Finest Surprise Car, will the vehicles be delivered to my location?

Yes, the vehicles are delivered to the winner free of cost. However, please note that the vehicles will arrive at the nearest seaport from where the winner needs to collect the same after paying the applicable taxes and duties.