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9 Best and Cheapest Driving Schools in Dubai

Top 9 Driving Schools in Dubai

The public transportation in Dubai is indeed an exemplary one, but it can’t be denied that having a vehicle of your own is always convenient.

Whether to hop to work or a trip to your favorite grocery store, a long drive with your partner, or a vacation to a nearby city, a car can come in handy for you in more ways than you can count. Even if you don’t own a car, you can always rent a car and use it for your desire or need.

So, it goes without saying that you should have a thorough knowledge of driving in Dubai. This is not only true for novice learners but also for those who might have a driving license in a different country but plans to travel or move to Dubai and want to sharpen and get acquainted with the driving ambiance of the city.

This is why you need to find out where in the city you can learn to drive the best from. And this list is going to help you with the exact same information.

Emirates Driving Institute

Regarded as the largest driving school in not only Dubai but all of the Middle East, it is hard to not notice Emirates Driving Institute (EDI). As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and this couldn’t be truer in this case, as over half a million people have taken driving classes from here.

It has over 40 branches and two training and testing centers for you to accomplish everything you want in regard to learning how to drive. It also features stimulator training that helps you get familiarized with driving before you set your wheels on the real roads, thereby increasing both your and other people’s safety on the road.

Fee: Depending on gear type, number of practice hours, and experience levels, the fee can range from AED 3,765 to AED 4,745.*

Location: Opposite Waitrose supermarket, Lower Ground (LG Floor), Dubai Mall, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 4 263 1100,

Galadari Motor Driving Centre

Having been in the business for around two decades, Galadari Motor Driving Centre (GMDC) has earned quite a reputation for itself in the field of vehicle driving lessons, which is evident by its immense popularity in the city.

GMDC thrives on its focus on individualized attention that it pays to the learners through its wide range of professional trainers. With their supervision, you can rest assured that you will obtain your license quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Fee: Car driving lesson courses in GMDC are charged at AED 3,918 – AED 5,283 depending upon your experience levels and on which days of the week you want to take the classes, with the Sunday classes being more expensive than the weekday classes.*


Al Qusais, Industrial Area 4 P.O. Box 80771, Dubai

Al Hathboor Building- Beirut Street, Dubai

Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 P.O. Box 80771, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 60 059 5956,

Dubai Driving Center

You know you are in good hands when you are learning to drive from a place that has been approved by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). And that is the case for Dubai Driving Center. Providing top-notch quality driving courses, you can learn anything from driving a motorcycle to a light bus from here.

For its quality service, it even won the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award in 2019. They believe in utilizing innovation in their courses so that they can help you gain skills that would last a lifetime. From everyday cars to luxurious cars, you will be a master of every sort of car with their training.

Fee: The fee structure varies from AED 2,620 to AED 3,850, depending on the number of hours you sign up for.*


Jumeirah Road, near Hilton Garden Inn, Dubai

Near Al Khail Gate, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 4 345 5855,

Belhasa Driving Center

Belhasa Driving Center not only has a roster of some of the most sought-after trained professionals in the business but also a humongous fleet of over 700 up-to-date automobiles of every possible kind. As such, this would serve as your one-stop shop for learning to drive whatever type of vehicle you want.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced driver, BDC would sharpen your skills in a range of vehicles that includes cars, shovels, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and forklifts, among others. Their risk-based approach to driver training would ensure you are always safe behind the wheel.

Fee: The fee structure for driving lessons in BDC ranges from AED 3,983 to AED 5,078 based on the number of hours for your registered course.*

Location: East City gate, Counter No.5, City Center, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 800 235 4272,

Al Ahli Driving Center

Catering to the needs of people with every range of experience – from a beginner to an experienced drivers, Al Ahli Driving Center installs safe driving habits in its student so that they can safely drive around without jeopardizing any rules or life forms on the road.

With a highly dedicated team of trained professionals, they ensure that your journey to obtain a driving license is a hassle-free one. Although it began as a single training institute, it has now grown to have 18 different branches around Dubai.

Fee: Here, the hourly fee for manual and automatic stands at AED 115.5 on weekdays and AED 168 on shifting with AED 315 reserved for VIPs.*

Location: Al Quoz, Industrial 4, Street No.19 A, P.O Box No 282426, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 80 025 2454,

Drive Dubai

Drive Dubai aims to empower driving enthusiasts with safe driving techniques that help them achieve the utmost road safety in every circumstance they come across on the road. Relying on management expertise and a modern training system, they ensure that the hours you spend here are well worth it.

This institute covers all sorts of facilities that you may seek while learning how to drive automobiles. This includes standard eye tests to on-site testing for obtaining a driving license.

Fee: The driving courses are structured between AED 1,440 to AED 8,050 depending on the frequency of classes and number of hours.*

Location: Remal Mall, Ground floor, Dubai, UAE

Contact Details: +971 56 216 9336,

Bin Yaber Driving Institute

With a spacious training facility and modern technology, Bin Yaber Driving Institute is a reliable source to learn driving efficiently under the supervision of trained professionals. Promising a pleasant learning experience, they aim to ensure road safety for the passengers, other vehicles on the road, as well as pedestrians.

Their dedication to preparing each of their students to be responsible driver who specializes in cautious driving is commendable. Whether you want to learn motorcycle driving or car, all your needs will be attended to in this institute.

Fee: This varies depending on the type of vehicle you choose, the number of hours, and expertise level.*

Location: (E611) Near Dubai Silicon Oasis and Academic City, Al Ruwayyah, 3rd, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 4 215 6000,

Eco Drive Driving Institute

Championing the creation of a new generation of safe drivers, Eco Drive Driving Institute employs a roster of qualified and multi-lingual instructors so that language never comes as a barrier in your attempt to learn road safety.

They also are the proud owners of one the biggest training centers in all of Dubai, wherein you can take driving lessons with eco-friendly practices that are coupled with modern technologies. This is the place to be if you are seeking affordable, detailed, and cutting-edge driving education.

Fee: Regular car driving courses for three days a week are priced at AED 3,478.*


Dubai Industrial City, Dubai

Ground Floor, East City Gate, Deira City Center, Dubai

First Floor, Opposite Carrefour, Dubai Festival City, Dubai

Ground Level, Near Carrefour, Meaisem City Center, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 60 059 5959,

Excellence Driving

Intending to empower people with driving skills in the easiest possible manner, Excellence Driving trains driving enthusiasts, be it whatever the vehicle may be – a car, motorcycle, light bus, heavy truck, or even forklift.

They believe in combining modern technologies with the finest services to foster a sustainable environment where the customers gain safe driving skills for a brighter future. Recognizing the driver’s license as a tool of empowerment and confidence, Excellence Driving is dedicated to their job to the fullest.

Fee: Regular car driving classes are priced at AED 4,912 for three days a week.*

Location: PO Box – 446241, Al Qusais Industrial Area – 5, Dubai

Contact Details: +971 60 051 5154,

Things to Remember While Taking an RTA Test

When you have finished your driving course from your institute of choice, the next order in business is to obtain a driving license. For this, you need to seek the approval of RTA in the form of a theory and an on-road test.

But before you head out for these tests, please bear in mind the following aspects to maximize your chance of getting that license quickly.

  • Get a thorough knowledge of the RTA handbook and go through its website to prepare a mock test.
  • To get a better grasp of what the test might be like, download the RTA mobile app and practice a theory test there.
  • Try and memorize as many road signs as you can while also taking a traffic sign test online.
  • During the on-road test, start with adjusting your mirrors, seat, and seatbelts, and don’t forget to buckle up.
  • Don’t drive too slow or too fast, and try to stay within the speed limit.
  • Even if the lane for the main road is clear, follow the 3-second rule of waiting at the stop sign for three seconds to scout the area’s safety.
  • Maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles.
  • Always check rear and side-view mirrors before changing lanes. Turn on the indicator without fail.


Driving is a crucial skill you need to master. Even if you rely on public transport, you can be put into situations where you might have to get behind the wheel and take charge. So, it is always wise to learn to drive.

The aforementioned list details some of the most in-demand driving institutes in Dubai. Enroll yourself and learn road safety from the best in the business.

*Disclaimer – The mentioned prices are only approximate prices and they are subject to change. Please contact the respective driving schools for their present fee structure.