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Top Dog-Friendly Places in Dubai

Friendly Places in Dubai

Best Pet-Friendly Places in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate and a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for luxury shopping, modern architecture, and unique restaurants and cafes. If you are in this city, there will be very little need for you to stay inside because the outside world is just so fascinating. Going out often comes with a conundrum, especially for those of you who have pets.

As pet owners, you may understand just how difficult it can be to leave your dogs behind at home when you go out. You can end up feeling incredibly guilty, going out and having fun while the cute little dog waits for you at home. The way your pets stare at you immediately before you leave adds to your guilt. And who can truly enjoy their time out when they are worried that their furry friends back home are feeling sad and lonely, awaiting their return? It’s bad enough that you have to leave them when you go to work. Going out is a luxury that many of us enjoy. But why should it have to be a choice between spending quality time with your dog and going out?

Dubai has a large number of places that are dog friendly. So the next time you go out, you can truly enjoy your time with no guilt. There’s no reason a dog shouldn’t be able to have a meal outside every now and then. However, it is crucial to note that most of these establishments allow pets and their owners to sit outdoors because pets are not permitted inside.

Popular dog-friendly places in Dubai

Here are some of the best options for dog-friendly places in Dubai.

The Irish Village

This is one of the oldest pet-friendly restaurants in Dubai. It has a lovely environment for you to enjoy with your pet at any time of the day. The best time to visit is in the evenings or at night. The Irish Village has wide, open spaces, which are excellent if you want to spend time with your dog. They get the chance to run around and enjoy themselves, while you can sit and enjoy a drink or two.

Arrows and Sparrows Dog Cafe

This cute cafe is located a little far away from the bustle of the central city. It happens to be a favorite amongst dog owners. The restaurant has little treats for dogs, along with bowls of water for them to make sure they stay hydrated. This is one of the nicest and quirkiest places for you to spend time with your pet. There is some wonderful food for the pet owners as well. The areas around the cafe are perfect for walks with your dog. They can truly enjoy the great outdoors here.

Breeze Beach Grill

If you like your meal to be accompanied by a great view, this restaurant is perfect for you and your dog. This beautiful restaurant is situated near the waterfront at Palm Jumeirah. Both dogs and humans are welcomed at this restaurant with equal enthusiasm. At this restaurant, you can enjoy good food, terrific drinks, and a great view. Visiting this place to watch the sunset would be a great idea! You would surely leave feeling recharged and a lot happier.

Bounty Beets

This cafe is so pretty that you’d want to take a picture of it just for your social media feed. The best part about this cafe is that it is vegan and gluten-free friendly as well. The outside terrace is open to dogs and comes with bowls of water provided next to every table, so your little friends don’t get thirsty. What could be better than catching up with your vegan friends and hanging out with your dog at the same time?

Dog-Friendly Places in Dubai

Chicago Meatpackers

This is a casual American eatery at Palm Jumeirah that is also open to dogs. If you go there with your dog, make sure you ask them for a menu that caters specifically to dogs. You and your dog can enjoy dining here while basking in the view of Atlantis, The Palm.

Jones The Grocer

Jones, the Grocer, is a new restaurant with a gorgeous view since it is located in front of the beach. Luckily, this beautiful restaurant is also open to pets. The cafe offers a beautiful waterfront ambiance. You and your dog can take long, peaceful walks along the beach or sit and enjoy some delicious food. The restaurant features an actual wood-fired oven, pastry and sandwich counters, and even charcuterie and cheese walls. So bring your pet here as soon as you can.

Els Club

If you have a day of golfing on your mind, this is the place for you. There is no need for you to leave your cute furry friend back at home while you golf. While you catch up on your golf, your dog can run about and enjoy the wide, green spaces.

Ella’s Eatery

If you wish to go for a cute breakfast date with your dog, we have got the perfect spot for you. This cafe offers a really relaxed and laid-back ambiance that you and your dog will love. It also has a spectacular sight. You get to eat breakfast delicacies like overnight oats, flatbreads, and shakshuka! The cafe offers several lunch and dinner options as well, including salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.


Kave is one of the coolest, most hip places you will find in Dubai. It’s famous for holding unique workshops and events. So, if you want to learn something new, there is no need for you to leave your dog behind. This location has the added benefit of being a plastic-free zone, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who like to make environmentally conscious decisions. You can join fun workshops like yoga or book clubs while enjoying a comforting bowl of ramen here.

Palm Bay

This beautiful Caribbean-themed restaurant has deals going on all through the week. It is a family-friendly restaurant that also welcomes an integral part of your family, that is, your pet. The restaurant has a brunch special every Friday with unlimited starters, main courses, and a selection of the most delicate desserts, so drop by for a wonderful time with your family, inclusive of a gorgeous view.

These are some of Dubai’s best pet-friendly cafés and eateries. They all offer spacious places for your dogs to run around. There are also cat cafes specific to cats. Furthermore, all of the locations mentioned above welcome various animals such as cats and birds.