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Creating a Music App in Dubai: Insights to Know

Creating a Music App in Dubai: Insights to Know

Dubai is becoming a global hub for every industry, and everyone saw the potential the city has in terms of technological advancements during Expo 2020. Mobile app development in Dubai, along with hundreds of other industries, is rapidly evolving.

Research and see how you could play a bigger role in the upcoming ecosystem. To our knowledge – the music industry in the GCC region is an open space right now with a lot of opportunities. And even in a global context, consumers are more comfortable with the idea of streaming music through their phones over conventional old-school means.

We understand that creating a product related to music can be overwhelming, and there are complexities involved, but everything streamlines once you understand the process.

Keep reading as we look at what it takes to build a music app in this region.

Considering features and functions to implement

Not every feature should be necessarily included in your digital product. Research and see what your audience would prefer. Ask questions and keep reflecting. What does the music streaming industry look like? What is missing in the ecosystem? Will your app be distinct?

Keep asking until you come across a wide range of answers. Many businesses underestimate the importance of research and development (R&D) while launching a digital product. It is a crucial element and a foundation for how your app will potentially look like.

Here are a few essential features of a music app:

  • Music player
  • Music library
  • Smart search
  • Push notifications
  • Sharable icons
  • Playlists

And there is a lot more you can potentially cover. Do not undermine the importance of a well-crafted payment gateway system as well.

Everything adds up to what makes an ideal music app. A custom software development company in Dubai or otherwise can help you out. Just make sure to narrow down what your business needs.

Choosing the right licenses

In the music industry – there is a growing concern over ownership and streaming music in a legal way that concerns all stakeholders. You need to be aware of certain legal procedures, and there should be a policy surrounding all kinds of deals you make with artists and record companies.

If we consider Spotify and look at how the platform has leveraged music over the past decade, here is what they do:

  • Sound Recording License Agreement
  • Musical Composition License Agreement

Over here – different companies such as Sony Music Entertainment Group or Warner Music Group are concerned, among a hundred others. In the GCC region, you will have to look into the kind of music you want to include in your app and will have to form a set of policies around how artists in the region could easily sign up.

Collaborating with a music app development company

Creating an app from scratch is a long and detailed process, and you will need the help of a full-fledged music app development company that understands the scope of your project and how it can be scaled up in the GCC region and beyond.

The GCC region is still an emerging region when it comes to streaming music and the industry surrounding it. People will notice the groundbreaking results, and there are development companies who know the right approach.

Here is what you need to note while finding a development partner:

  • How detailed is the portfolio?
  • What do the clients say?
  • Did they communicate well?
  • Does the cost match your budget?

Do not overlook how much the projected cost looks like. Do multiple surveys and see what each development company is practicing. Rates differ widely.

Implementing UX/UI design

A product is defined by how interactive and immersive it is. And there is nothing more satisfying for customers than a well-thought-out app that is consumer driven. Your UX/UI design strategy should be detailed and thoughtful in terms of human interaction.

Research shows that 67% of consumers refuse to use an app again if the UX/UI design is not friendly enough. With rapid technological progress across the board, consumers refuse to put up with lackluster products. The design should be navigational and to the point. It should be easy for the listener to view their favorite song or podcast almost instantly.

And in the case of a music app – the design should reflect how artists want their music to be shown and promoted. Everything is linked together. A thoughtful UX/UI design indicates better relationships with artists and listeners.

Initiating an MVP

Before proceeding with a final product, it is always recommended to consider a minimum viable product (MVP) first and then see the forthcoming results. MVP enables developers and strategists to experiment and improvise the architecture of the app.

An MVP allows beta users and potential investors to leave constructive criticism, and you should take criticism on a positive note. Reviews enable a culture of improvement and thoughtfulness. It would help if you had such mindsets.

Keep testing and see how your concepts resonate with the audience and the rest of the music ecosystem.

Market Stats for Music Apps

Now that you know how to proceed with the idea of a music app, it is equally important to acknowledge market statistics and make decisions accordingly. Every step you take in terms of marketing the product or stepping into a niche category – should be defined by figures supported by a credible source.

Here is what you should know:

  • Music streaming apps accounted for $25.1 billion in revenue in 2021
  • Music streaming from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is expected to reach $22.3 billion alone
  • Currently, Spotify is the most renowned music streaming platform in terms of subscribers

While YouTube is more prevalent in terms of the total number of active users, the kind of monetization schemes that various platforms want to adopt depends on several factors.


The next step should be to gather the best resources and start right away with your product development journey.

You understand the flow. It is time for execution now. With the aftermath of Expo 2020 and the recent World Cup in Qatar – we saw unprecedented events happening across the GCC region. Step into the ecosystem right now with your streaming app.