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The Art of Proposal: Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Select a Diamond Engagement Ring in Dubai?

There’s nothing like holding the hand of your one true love and letting them know that they are the one for you. Proposing to your partner is one of the most eventful incidents that will mark your romantic life, and there is nothing better than complimenting it with a diamond ring. Let us guide you through the art of proposal and selecting engagement diamond rings in Dubai for your partner.

The engagement ring is the most pivotal symbol of the proposal. But, before finalizing the ring, let us ensure the rest of the aspects of the proposal are taken care of.

Planning the Logistics of a Perfect Proposal

There are seven major aspects that you need to take care of to make your proposal memorable. Let us focus on them one at a time.

Make Sure Both of You are on the Same Page

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself whether you are ready to take the next big step in your life. Once you are sure of it, take some time to introspect whether your partner is ready for the same or not. If the answers to both these questions are yes, step right into planning your proposal so that it remains ever memorable in both of your lives.

Involve the People that Matter the Most

It is always a great idea to involve, if you want, the loved ones of both you and your partner. This is surely something they would love to be part of. Depending on where you propose, they need not necessarily have to be present. Just the idea of them knowing and giving you their blessings and affection will suffice. But make sure to ask them to keep it a secret.

Finalize a Dream Spot

Next, move to personalize the event. You need to have a fake backstory to keep the surprise intact. You can opt for a trip for a few days somewhere exotic, or it can even be a day’s affair at a splendid lounge or luxurious rooftop restaurant in Dubai. Select a place where you are away from the everyday crowd. Reserve it, if you can, beforehand so that you can enjoy the privacy that this special moment deserves.

Create a Magical Ambiance

Make the spot where you will propose a sentimental one. Adorn the ambiance with everything that reflects your journey with your partner. Be it with their favorite votive candles or favorite cuisines, their favorite music playing in the background, or decors and motifs based on a theme that is close to their heart. Make it as cozy, intimate, and personalized as you can so that your emotions truly reflect in your efforts.

Prepare a Speech

When you finally say those golden words to your partner, they really should feel it. So, it does not harm to prepare a speech earlier so that you truly can express how important they are to you and how special this moment is for you. You don’t have to put down a Shakespearean monologue; just writing from your heart will get the job done.

Plan a Celebration Party

When your partner eventually says yes to your proposal, you have got to celebrate this remarkable event. If you want to bring both the families’ loved ones on board, this will be the ideal time to do so. Pop a champagne bottle, fly some balloons, and let the confetti sparkle! You can even opt for a separate celebration party at one of the many family-friendly destinations in Dubai, where you can take a day out and spend it with all your loved ones.

Keep a Photographer on Standby

An event like this has to be relived time and time again. Therefore, hire a photographer beforehand, and let them know of your plan of when and at what angle you want the photographs taken. Get those Instagram-worthy pictures of professional quality that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Now, with everything sorted, proceed to buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner that reflects their personality and also symbolizes the love that both of you share for each other.

How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are timeless, and making them a part of your engagement only makes the whole event unforgettable. However, since this is an investment for life, you have to make smart choices before buying it. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before buying the perfect diamond engagement ring in Dubai.

Knowing the 4Cs

The first major tip to keep in mind before buying a diamond ring is to understand the 4Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. It is a global standard for evaluating the worth of a diamond. The color of a diamond is graded on a D-to-Z scale, with D meaning transparent and Z meaning light yellow or brown. Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes. Cut represents how well the diamond interacts with light, whereas carat weight represents the size of the diamond.

Checking the Ring Setting

Your ring setting refers to how the gemstone is going to be mounted or set into a band. It is one of the foremost decisions you are going to have to make since it helps highlight the beauty of the diamond. Some of the most popular settings you can opt for are prong, bezel, channel, and tension, to name a few.

Test Under Different Lighting

The same diamond will look different under different lighting conditions – spot-lighting, fluorescent lighting, and daylighting. Checking how well your diamond performs under different lighting conditions will give you an idea of the brightness and fire of the diamond and help you decide which one to pick.

Pick Your Style

The ring that you pick for your partner must reflect their personality. There are many style options to choose from – vintage, modern, bohemian, timeless, heart, etc.  Whatever motif suits your partner best, pick that and adorn it with other personalized touches.

Measure the Ring Size

This is probably going to be the trickiest one for you to figure out, especially if your proposal is a surprise. If you can get access to a spare ring from your partner, then it will get the job done. If not, speak to their family members and get an idea of the size.


A diamond is forever, and so is your engagement. The beautiful unison of these two aspects marks the unison of you and your partner. So, make sure this is a truly memorable event and prepare accordingly to make this day special for you and your partner.