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10 Best Catering Services in Dubai for Events and Parties

From Traditional to Exotic: Exploring Dubai’s Diverse Catering Options

When arranging an unforgettable occasion, one element can make or break the entire experience: the catering service. Dubai, a city known for its opulence and diverse culinary scene, offers many catering choices that accommodate various tastes and inclinations.

Whether you’re planning a lavish wedding, a corporate conference, a birthday celebration, or any other special occasion, make an informed choice when selecting a catering service to ensure your guests have an unforgettable dining experience. Moreover, you must find a good table and chair rental for your event to ensure comfort for all your guests.

From the fragrant spices of Arabic cuisine to the international gastronomic wonders, Dubai’s catering scene is a melting pot of tastes and cultures, offering a wide range of options.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Arabic feast, a gourmet fusion affair, or a vegan-friendly spread, diverse catering choices are available to suit your preferences.

Top 10 Catering Companies in Dubai

With Dubai’s reputation for culinary excellence, you can expect nothing but the finest in gastronomy.

To simplify your choice, we have created a compilation of the 10best catering options in the city, each offering a unique and delectable culinary experience that will make a memorable impact on your guests.

1. Elements

Elements Catering is Dubai’s preeminent boutique catering and event service, captivating the taste buds and senses of Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents. With over 30 years of collective experience, they specialize in private parties, birthdays, weddings, and events of all sizes, including outdoor catering.

At Elements, their mission is to craft an intimate, personalized, and exhilarating dining journey. Their gourmet menus take inspiration from nature, seasonal ingredients, and timeless traditions, all dedicated to achieving culinary perfection.

Their food is an artistic expression, drawing from diverse cultures, dreams, fleeting moments, and the world around you. With Elements, bring your culinary visions to life on their canvas, ensuring your event becomes an exceptionally distinctive and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

Address: Warehouse #2, Al Quoz 4, 26th Street

Phone: +971 04 321 2669

Timings: Sunday-Friday: 09:00 am until 06:00 pm

2. Dish

Embark on a culinary journey with Dish, Dubai’s premier catering and event management company, shaping the UAE’s catering industry since 2008. They boast a 200-strong team of seasoned professionals, orchestrating various events, from corporate gatherings to grand galas and intimate soirées.

Dish’s commitment to building strong client relationships and enduring collaborations with top event management firms ensures exceptional experiences for Dubai’s most prestigious occasions.

As part of Foodie Holdings Limited, a Dubai-based conglomerate, Dish offers an extensive menu featuring canapés, fine dining, live stations, barbecues, and more.

Their distinction lies in exemplary planning, constant reinvention of culinary experiences, and tailor-made concepts crafted by their chefs and mixologists.

With access to exceptional event spaces like Dubai Opera, Museum of the Future, and Concrete Dubai, Dish elevates your event to a higher level of luxury and sophistication that’s uniquely yours.

Address: Emarati Cluster, Bldg. 25, Shop No. 9-13

Phone: +971 04 529 8917

Timings: Monday-Friday: 09:00 am until 05:00 pm

3. Roberto’s Ristorante

Roberto’s is a top-tier catering in Dubai where culinary excellence meets tailored hospitality. While the restaurant has been in Dubai since 2012, its catering services were established in 2020 under the guidance of Executive Chef Leonardo Maltese.

Their mission is to craft bespoke experiences in various settings, whether it’s the comfort of your home, a luxury yacht, or an exclusive brand event.

For luxury brand events, their discreet approach and culinary expertise ensure they cater to specific brand requirements seamlessly. From milestone events like weddings and intimate celebrations to social gatherings with friends or family, they transform your vision into reality, leaving you to savor the moment.

In the corporate world, Roberto’s specializes in curating packages for client entertaining, adding their signature touch to corporate events. They provide extensive offerings such as luxury yacht charters, exclusive event venues, and even private jet charters for a sky-high experience.

Experience the Roberto’s difference, where authentic and contemporary Italian fine dining takes center stage, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey.

Address: Gate Village-1, DIFC [Dubai International Financial Center]

Phone: +971 04 386 0066

Timings: Open all days: 12:00 pm until 03:00 am

4. Bouffage

As a high-end Dubai-based catering company, Bouffage blends elegance and quality to offer you the ultimate guest experience. They consistently craft delectable menus tailored to your needs, led by their talented chefs who combine the finest ingredients to create signature cuisine.

At the heart of Bouffage Catering is a philosophy of passion and excellence, delivering exceptional customer service and beautifully presented dishes that create lasting memories. Bouffage Catering accommodates any group size with impeccable flavors and service, whether for corporate, private, or individual events.

Experience innovative, trendy, and seasonal menus catering to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, halal, and lactose-free options. Bouffage Catering’s team of international chefs is passionate about food and can customize menus for any occasion, from weddings to corporate meetings.

Address: Shop no.3, Near Al Wasl Printing, Dubai Maritime City

Phone: +971 04 591 1198

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 07:30 am until 08:00 pm

5. My Govinda’s

MyGovindas is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai that offers Indian food catering. With two decades of experience, they’ve mastered making your events stress-free.

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a grand wedding, a lively Diwali party, or an intimate baby shower, My Govinda’s has you covered. Their menu ranges from delectable snacks to full-fledged meals and convenient lunch boxes.

The unique touch? They offer chaat counters and live stations to delight guests with fresh, flavorful dishes. My Govinda’s, founded in 2001, is a family-owned gem specializing in pure vegetarian Sattvic cuisine, ensuring wholesome, healthy, and tasty options for all.

Address: Shop no.11, Podium Level, Platinum Tower, Cluster 1, JLT

Phone: +971 56 261 4599

Timings: Open all days: 08:30 am until 10:45 pm

6. Maristo Hospitality

When seeking top-notch catering services in Dubai, look no further than Maristo Hospitality. Their expertise spans a range of cuisines, including International cuisine, Arabic, and Asian, perfect for events of up to 2000 guests.

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a luxurious yacht or cruise party, a private soirée, or a thrilling concert, they’ve got you covered.

Maristo Hospitality is a part of Ring International Holding, a dynamic family-holding company with a strong track record. Their commitment to culinary excellence is evident through their portfolio of concepts, from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to the innovative German Doner Kebab.

With a mission to delight your taste buds, Maristo Hospitality ensures your culinary experience is exceptional. They embrace ecological awareness, promote sustainable development, uphold managerial excellence, and adhere to ethical compliance standards.

Address: Al Soufouh 2, Business Central Towers, 3702, Dubai

Phone: +971 04 273 9337

Timings: Monday-Friday: 09:00 am until 06:00 pm

7. LDC Kitchen + Coffee

LDC Kitchen + Coffee offers a true delight for all corporate and group events. With a mouthwatering array of freshly baked bread and a curated selection of canapes, LDC Kitchen Catering ensures your event is nothing short of spectacular. They even serve their signature specialty coffee to keep your guests energized.

A party isn’t complete without sweet treats. LDC satisfies your cravings with divine desserts, yule chocolate logs, and hot chocolate bombs. Plus, they offer a fun gingerbread cookie decorating tradition for all ages.

LDC’s menu caters to all tastes, from healthy to indulgent options, ensuring a unique and freshly prepared experience. Enjoy LDC’s signature dishes and exclusive specials in a cozy, inviting setting at their JLT outlet.

Address: One JLT, Jumeirah Lake Towers

Phone: +971 4 320 9669

Timings: Open all days: 07:00 am until 10:00 pm

8. Arlequin Catering

Arlequin Catering, operating since 1951, offers the best French and Lebanese gourmet cuisine; their delicacies are a treat for your taste buds. Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, a yacht trip, or an intimate gathering at home, they’ve got you covered.

Arlequin Catering takes immense pride in its food preparation, using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. With over 50 years of catering experience, they excel in customizing menus to suit your preferences- breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. They even welcome unique challenges, always striving for innovation.

Convenience is key with Arlequin Catering – they deliver anywhere in the UAE and provide trained staff to set up your event seamlessly.

Address: Zaa’beel St, Al Karama

Phone: +971 04 396 7050

Timings: Open all days: 07:00 am until 10:00 pm

9. Eat & Drink

The journey of Eat & Drink began humbly as a small cafeteria in 1982, serving refreshing fruit juices and delectable sandwiches. As they expanded, their commitment to excellence led them to hire talented chefs worldwide. Today, they are renowned for their Chinese and Lebanese cuisine, consistently delivering a culinary experience that lingers in your memory.

With over 40 outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Al Ain, they have become a leading name in the UAE’s restaurant and catering industry. Their success is thanks to loyal customers who have supported and encouraged their growth, making Eat & Drink a beloved brand in the region.

Eat and Drink is famous for its delectable shawarma and mixed grill, available in their restaurants and as a convenient at-home catering service. Imagine having the shawarma man come to your house, crafting delicious shawarma to order, and leaving your space clean and party-ready. It’s the perfect solution for interactive and tasty gatherings.

Address: Opp. Al Safa Park, Jumeirah -3

Phone: +971 55 415 3183

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 09:00 am until 07:00 pm

10. Cedar Tree Hospitality

Cedar Tree Hospitality should be your top choice for exceptional catering services. With its innovative spirit and a reputation dating back to 2007, Cedar Tree has become one of the finest catering companies in the city.

They’ve seamlessly blended authentic and modern F&B trends to create delightful dining experiences. From their state-of-the-art central kitchen, they’ve catered to a diverse clientele, including corporate firms, universities, schools, and yacht companies.

Cedar Tree Hospitality’s culinary expertise shines through its international cuisines, prepared by talented chefs to tantalize your taste buds. Their dedicated service team rises to any challenge with passion and commitment. Plus, they prioritize food safety and hygiene, holding ISO certification.

What sets Cedar Tree apart is its approach. They build strong relationships with private and corporate clients, focusing on exceptional customer service. Your event becomes a memorable dining adventure with Cedar Tree Hospitality, offering unique menus and stunning food presentations.

Whether you need catering for an intimate dinner or a grand event, they’ve got you covered.

Address: 21-9B Street, Al Quoz, Al Quoz Industrial Area-3

Phone: +971 04 346 7022

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 08:00 am until 05:00 pm


In the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s culinary landscape, choosing the perfect catering service is the key to crafting unforgettable events. From traditional to exotic, the city’s diverse catering options offer various flavors to tantalize your guests’ taste buds.

The catering services listed here showcase the pinnacle of gastronomic excellence and hospitality. Representing a symphony of culinary creativity, each promising a unique and delectable experience.

Whether you’re organizing a small get-together or a large-scale event, these caterers will transform your vision into reality. Dubai’s catering scene has everything from gourmet feasts to health-conscious menus. So, elevate your next event with the finest in gastronomy, and let your guests savor every moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more queries related to catering in Dubai? Get Answers Here.

What is the minimum order size for small party catering in Dubai?

The minimum order size for small party catering in Dubai varies by catering service but is typically around 10 to 15 guests.

How much advance notice is needed for ordering party platters in Dubai?

Advance notice for ordering party platters in Dubai usually ranges from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the caterer and the complexity of the order.

Does Dubai have a catering business specializing in vegetarian Indian cuisine?

Yes, Dubai has several catering businesses specializing in vegetarian Indian cuisine, offering various delectable dishes for multiple events. Some popular options are MyGovinda’s, Rasoi Ghar, Bombay Basera, etc.

Is it possible to personalize the food menu to include options for vegan and gluten-free meals?

Most caterers in Dubai can personalize menus to include options for vegan and gluten-free meals upon request, ensuring diverse dietary needs are met.

Is there any Filipino catering in Dubai?

Filipino catering services are available in Dubai, providing authentic Filipino cuisine for events and gatherings. Some popular options are Susana Restaurant, Max’s Restaurant, Lapaz Batchoy, etc.

How does home catering differ from other catering options?

Home catering differs from other options as it involves preparing and serving food in your home, creating a more intimate and personalized dining experience than catering in external venues.