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Popular Cat Cafés in Dubai

Cat Cafes in Dubai

3 Cutest Cat cafés in Dubai

You can enjoy the company of furry felines in the Cat Cafes of Dubai. This sounds great if you happen to be a cat person. These fabulous eateries are an excellent choice to enjoy coffee and snacks surrounded by these pretty feline creatures.

These cafes also give visitors the chance to host private parties with friends. You can also adopt these animals as your pet. If you love cuddling these ferry felines, try to find out more about the cat cafes.

List of popular Cat Cafes in Dubai

Café Vibrissae

With the tagline “cat, coffee, cuddles,” Cat Café Vibrissae serves refreshing coffee, milkshakes, tea, and smoothies. Surrounded by these cuddly creatures, you can enjoy a cappuccino, espresso, Milano, piccolo, flat white, not to mention there are vibrissae special. There are pistachio latte, toffee nut latte, rose latte, Spanish latte, and hot chocolate as well.

You can play with these cats while sipping hot coffee, and they are registered, vaccinated, and microchipped. There are a few adorable felines that you will find cool and ready to play with. Whether you have a cat at your home or you are a crazy cat person, you will love their presence.

There are climbing walls, hammocks, and plenty of comfy areas for cats to lay down comfortably. There is also enough space for you to relax and toys for cats to play with and cuddle and chill.

There is also a feline-free area where you can sip your coffee while watching these furry animals. The fees per hour are around AED 49 (subject to change) for adults and AED 39 (subject to change) for kids. There is also monthly membership available.

You cannot adopt any cats from here. All the cats have been raised with family and are resident cats. On your arrival in the café, a small rule book will be given to you, which you will need to follow. Drinking coffee here is a great experience, and you have to make reservations that are highly recommended.

This café is most frequented by visitors who cannot own a cat at home due to the allergic tendency of family members or maintenance costs. This café allows them to enjoy the company of adorable felines minus the bills they pay to vets or minus litter box duties.
Located at Al Safa Complex, this café is open from noon till 7 pm (subject to change).

Cat Cafes Coffee


The first cat café to open in Dubai was Ailuromania, and it proved to be quite a success. There is a wide array of food and drinks to suit your taste buds as your furry companions roam around. You can also adopt kittens at Ailuromania.

This cat café opened in 2015 and initially used to be an adoption home for stray cats. Relaxing around with these cats as they purr around you can definitely help you to destress. The owners started this cat café after taking inspiration from similar cat cafes in London and Korea.

The word Ailuromania is derived from the Greek English word for a lover of cats, which is Aurolophile. The café is regularly visited by people who need to destress and relax.

The dessert includes waffles, brownies, chocolates, and delicious desserts. Pizza and pasta are also other tasty items that you can opt for. You can also choose from milkshakes, caffeinated beverages, and slushies.

The café cannot allow more than twenty guests at a private party. The location of this café is in Jumeirah. You are not permitted to bring in your pets because the arrival of a new cat can disturb the environment for the resident furry animals.

Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort

Stray cats often look for food from the guest’s table, and a popular restaurant in Dubai has opened a cat café to solve the problem. The cat café was started by the people belonging to the Management of Le Méridien.

The cats used to be scrawny and scruffy, but they are now clean and well-cared for. The customers are thrilled and delighted. They walk in after reading the sign for the cat café. The creatures are fascinating to observe.


Thus, these cat cafés assist individuals in de-stressing and unwinding after a long day. Many people enjoy playing with cats since they are adorable. These cafés also function as a restaurant. It’s like a cat lover’s dream come true. People flock to them for the mouth-watering cuisine and relaxing atmosphere. If you are a dog lover, you can also find many dog friendly places in Dubai.