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Car Rental Options for Different Occasions in the UAE

Car Rental Dubai

Rent a Car Service in UAE

UAE provides an excellent public transport system. You can go to almost any part of all the 7 emirates with public transport. But you might have to compromise with travel time as buses and metro run as per their scheduled timings. This is where car rental services can play an important role. You can save your time and get the privacy and luxury that you want.

Car rental or hire has been around for quite some time. Even if they do not own a car, people require the convenience of an express and personalized transportation mode. Different people will have different reasons for hiring a car, and the rental firms will meet all of their demands. Renowned car rental companies treat their customers with the utmost professionalism. They make sure personalized and customized services are available. Moreover, one of the main reasons why people choose car rental over public transit is that it allows them to customize their experience.

Simply put, there are different car rental UAE options available for those seeking cars for rent. Let’s discuss them briefly:

In the UAE, some companies provide both normal and luxury car rental services. You will receive personalized services at a decent cost. Let’s look at the many car rental options available in UAE:

Daily Car Rental Package

This package is more suitable for those who just need a car for one day. All types of cars, including the luxury ones, are available on a per-day basis. The rent of the car depends on various factors, such as the number of cars, the type of cars, and whether you need a driver or not. Mostly, businessmen opt for this package when they have to go for important meetings. Tourists visiting places closer to Dubai, such as Hatta also provide rent a car on a daily basis.

Weekly Car Rental Package

This package is more suitable for tourists who are in Dubai for a limited time period. Again, you can rent a car with or without a driver. However, if you intend to opt for the latter option, you will need to present your international driver’s permit and driving license. Otherwise, no car rental agency will rent you a car.

Depending on the car you have selected and other factors, this package may prove to be pocket-friendly for you as many car rental agencies offer discounts when clients rent cars for an extended period. However, you may have to make a security deposit at the time of renting the car.

Monthly Car Rental Package

As the name suggests, this car rental package will enable you to have a car at your disposal for the entire month. If you visit the emirate frequently and want to enjoy its attractions and beauty without facing any hassles associated with the public transportation system, this package will suit the most. It’s mostly families that opt for this package throughout their stay in the emirate as they can travel in comfort.

Many luxury cars are also available for monthly rental packages. However, they, of course, will cost you more.

Car Rental UAE

What to consider when renting a car in Dubai?

Although renting a car in Dubai is an easy process, there’s still a lot to consider to ensure you have a smooth process. Take a look at some of the factors you must take into account before going to rent luxury cars or all types of car renting services in Dubai.

  • Make sure the car rental agency provides full insurance, roadside assistance, and recovery services 24/7.
  • Read reviews. It’s important that you know that the company you have selected to rent a car is trustworthy and credible. Check Facebook, Reddit, and other online communities for their reviews and real user testimonials.
  • Read terms and conditions beforehand. This will avoid facing unpleasant circumstances in the later stages.
  • In today’s world, any rational buyer will prefer a business whose services are fully automated and accessible online. So, ensure the company offers an online booking system that will save you time and effort. It should have an online customer interface that handles all of your inquiries and bookings to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology. This way, you will be able to rent a car without even visiting the car rental agency. Your selected car will be dropped to your location.
  • The company should be ISO-certified.
  • It should act quickly to rescue and provide alternate transportation in the case of an accident or other unpleasant event.
  • The company should have a vast fleet to meet the need of many clients.

Wrap Up

Dubai, which is one of the UAE’s fastest-growing cities, is a lively place. Locals and visitors from other countries are continuously moving up and down the mountain for personal vacations or business visits. While driving in the city gives you the utmost thrill, you should also be aware of driving rules while driving on the streets of Dubai. A small mistake can cause you big trouble.

Several car rental companies, including One Click Dive, provide various rent a car options in Dubai. Because of the increased number of tourists and high demand, car rental companies abound in the city. All you have to do now is find and work with the best.