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Camel Rides in Dubai

Camel Rides in Dubai

Camel Desert Safari in Dubai

A trip to Dubai can never be complete without getting first-hand experience of a camel ride. While it is Dubai’s heightened cosmopolitan culture that attracts most visitors to its shoreline, camel rides give one a real-life glimpse of the traditional Arabian culture along with the various historical places in Dubai.

The camel, known as the “Ship of the Desert,” has long been the primary transportation mode in ancient Arabia. In the arid desert, this was the best way to commute. For the modern generation, camel rides are an excellent opportunity to revisit the historical significance of the camel in the evolution of Dubai. Not just that, a camel ride is also an effective way to see the hundreds of vivid indigenous flora and fauna spread across the desert landscape.

The good part is that when you land in Dubai, you have hundreds of good options to take a camel ride in the city. Below are the different options that visitors can undertake a one-of-its-kind voyage.

Right in the heart of Dubai City

If you do not wish to move out of the main city, you can go in for camel rides at the Marina Beach or the Jumeirah Beach Residence. Right next to the Ain Dubai Observation Wheel, on the beachfront, with the Palm Jumeirah in the background, you can go in for camel rides. It may not be a cheap option because the ride here is costlier than in other places. However, if you are short on time or have other plans near JBR, you can try out camel rides in this area.

The ride is for a fixed time and you do not have to pre-book. The camels on the beach are quite well-maintained, some of them even nicely adorned for visitors. The price can increase with increased duration. You can get your photo clicked at an extra charge.

Who is this for? People who love to stick to city limits or are rushing through Dubai can try this.

The excitement of a Desert safari

A trip to Dubai is most certainly incomplete without being a part of the city’s famed desert safaris. The good thing is that there are many tour operators offering well-designed packages that start after mid-day. Remember, if you are visiting Dubai during summer, you need to beat the heat by being indoors during the afternoon.

Most packages include pickup and drop from your hotel on a four-wheeler and then some enthralling dune bashing rides over the bumpy sand dunes.

You will then be taken to a campsite from where you can hire a camel for a short ride. Often, the camel ride is scheduled for the sunset, when you can capture some memorable clicks too. At the camp, you can indulge your passion and energy in desert sports too, like driving quad bikes or going for sand biking.

Another characteristic feature of the desert safari is the evening entertainment, which is usually traditional Arabian group dances, etc. This is followed by dinner, and then you are dropped back at your hotel. There are some tour operators that offer overnight accommodation at the campsite too.

Early morning desert tours are also available in case you are an early riser. These tours are typically curated around sunrise and followed by breakfast.

Who is this for? People who love adrenalin-pumping experiences should not miss out on desert safaris.

Spend more time with camels at a camel farm

Yes, there are full-fledged camel farms in and around Dubai, like the Al Marmoom area or Al Qudra Lakes. The farms are a good place to spend more time with the camel and gain more knowledge about the Ship of the Desert. Most of the farms have an entry fee. You have plenty of options then – from taking a short ride to going on an hour-long trek, etc. Things like hug therapy with camels, etc., are also a part of these trips.

Who is this for? If you are someone who do not want to participate in the usual desert safari with the associated frills, desert sports, etc., a visit to one of these farms is advisable.

Camel Rides

Camel rides at a luxurious resort in Dubai City

Certain resorts, like Bab al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, offer a complete in-house package to guests. Consequently, you do not have to venture too far into the city or the outskirts looking for a credible tour operator for a camel ride.

These are uber-luxurious resorts located right in the heart of the city or within easy reach. Al Maha – A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, The Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert, Telal Resort Al Ain, Bedouin Oasis Resort, Anantara Qasr Al Sarab, Al Wathba, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, and many more are examples.

Who is this for? If you are here to just sit back, chill and relax, these luxury boutique resorts with everything-under-one-roof are meant for you.

Camel Market

The Al Ain Camel Market can be a stopover for tourists for a closer look at the four-legged species. This is a family-friendly marketplace where you see a variety of breeds, ranging from potential racers to camels fit for breeding, and more. You need to arrive here in the morning to catch the trading activities in action. It is about 15 km from Al Ain. If you arrive later, you will get to see herds of animals lined up at the market without much action.

This is a perfect place to visit with kids, click impressive snaps and immerse yourself for a while in the typical traditional ambiance without actually riding the animal.

Who is this for? Families, couples with small kids, and those who are skeptical about riding the humped back can look at this option.

Camel Race

You have read it right. There are racing tracks where you can see these humped animals in action. The Al Marmoom Racetrack is one such example. Camel races are common in the desert region and are a favorite pastime for locals. These days, the tracks and the races are all digitally controlled, and the crowd is chic too. The races are usually early morning affairs, with most of them finishing off by 9 a.m. You can book your tickets beforehand and plan your day accordingly.

Remember, in these races, you can simply watch the animals racing, but you are not allowed to ride them. If you are looking for a first-hand riding experience, this one may not be the ideal option for you.

Who is this for? You need to have a passion for animal racing to be a part of this group. People who love to go deep into cultural traditions can also consider this option.

Camel Festivals

A once-in-a-lifetime experience is the Al Dhafra Festival, which revolves around the Bedouin culture. This is a celebration of traditional community practices held in the Empty Quarter desert of Rub’ Al Khali against the backdrop of the mighty desert and sand dunes. Purebred camel owners from the Arabian Peninsula, especially the Asayel and Majaheem pedigrees, line up their prized possessions here during the Mazayna, also better known as the camel beauty contest. Besides, there’s horse racing, a handicrafts fair, Arabian Saluki dog races, sheep beauty contests, date palm related competitions, traditional Emirati dance forms, etc.

Who is this for? Love to mingle with locals and wish to know more about indigenous traditions. This is the place for you


Ensure that you are well-versed with the rules and guidelines pertaining to camel rides before undertaking one. There are varied options; hence, weigh the pros and cons of each before choosing the one best for you and your family.