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Building a Brand is Like Baking a Cake

How to Create a Brand Identity

Thoughtful ingredients, being consistent throughout and patiently awaiting the result; building a brand is like baking a cake.

Those who are knee-deep in the marketing world; understand how lack of persistence stands as the greatest enemy of brand building. Fortunately or unfortunately, every brand is in a hurry to make an impact. But building a brand requires a whole lot of effort from scratch. No shortcuts, no hasty moves, no pre-mixed formulas.

In a true sense, brand building is no different from baking. Build your brand with ingredients in the right proportion, technique and sequence. Don’t miss, don’t rush, and take enough time to watch the end product turn out beautifully.

Jeff Bezos rightly said, ‘Your brand is what other people say about you, when you’re not in the room’. But crafting a winning brand is not easy; in fact it can get really daunting.

Bringing forward a blueprint plan from our team of branding experts.

Eight steps to build your brand like no other

1. Draft a business plan

One must begin with drafting a business plan, knowing about their competition in the market and developing their business modules. Having a clear vision and mission is a strategic step toward building a brand that would last a lifetime. Also, a detailed background check of the business prototype would help.

2. Identify your audience

Once you have a plan in place, know your audience. A brand that will appeal to everyone will not create a strong presence. Don’t just comprehend your competition; identify your audience and understand their mindset. Earmark your brand to the specific demographics and ensure to focus on the right crowd.

3. Create a web presence

Creating a strong web presence is important. It is an essential strategy in building an enduring brand and leading to gradual growth. A digital approach is a crux of attracting massive attention and multiplying the count of potential customers.

Build a strong marketing game plan by creating an existence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Reach out to more people, enhance your brand visibility, get more recognition and feast your eyes on surging sales.

4. Define your brand rightly

Remember, even a few words can make a super strong impact. Send out your message by only using a few powerful and compelling words. In a concise manner, you should be able to tell your customers what to expect from your brand and how you can resolve their problems or meet their requirements.

5. Accept failure gracefully

Nobody enjoys failure, but it is important to accept it gracefully and learn from it. In a very crucial way, failure can help a brand recognize what worked for them and what did not. Failure can foster critical and analytical thinking leading to the required innovation.

A secret to best branding is pushing the comfort zone and failing a couple of times. In a snippet, most successful branding comes from repeated trial and error and not an instant accomplishment. 

6. Deliver what you promise

The most crucial part of sustainable branding is delivering what your brand promises. Every promise made by a brand is significant of what the customer can expect. The more the company adheres to the promise, the stronger the brand value gets. Ideally, it is the best way to gain the loyalty and trust of the customer.

7. Allow people to tell your story

Nothing better than creating a positive impact and letting people tell your story. One of the keys to rewarding branding is word of mouth. Here are some stats bringing forward the power of it.

  • 90% of people are likely to trust a recommended brand.
  • 25% of potential customers are likely to lose trust because of bad word of mouth.
  • On average, word of mouth derives $6 trillion in annual global spending.

So yes, word-of-mouth marketing can boost sales, promote services & products, enhance brand recognition and amplify customer loyalty. Create positive experiences and watch the magic.

8. Take feedback

Very few brands understand the importance of customer support and collecting feedback. Don’t underestimate the power of communication. It is a way of showing your clients that their opinion matters. Let them voice their school of thought and sign up for a personal & stronger relationship with them.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, receiving customer support has become easier than ever. It is a great way of standing out in the fiercely competitive crowd and nailing the sword. To tell you the actuality, undeniably good customer support leads to enduring brand loyalty.

Coming back to the belief of how branding is like baking. Write the recipe to build your brand, and be sure not to miss any ingredient.  Stay true to your values, create a master plan and let success chase you.