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7 Incredible Destinations for Bookworms in Dubai

Destinations for bookworms in Dubai

Best Bookstores in Dubai

Dubai is a fantastic spot for bookworms, and it is a bibliomaniac’s dream. These book aficionados traverse the globe in search of the top destinations in the world to collect books. Readers may find a vast range of books in the city, ranging from classics to best-sellers.

Options are galore as it has the best bookstore chains, and it is also home to shops selling second-hand books. A person can obtain some of the most uncommon findings as well as several books of their choosing.

Some of the best bookstores that Dubai has to offer are listed below.


This is a book giant from Japan, and it has got numerous stores in various countries throughout the world. Dubai now hosts one of its vast stores in the plush Dubai Mall. The massive bookstore covers 68,000 square feet and has over half a million periodicals and books.

It is a thing of joy for resident book lovers and tourists visiting the city who love to collect the best books. This store is sure to make your heart flip with ecstasy. There are sections on every subject under the sun. The store at Dubai Mall also has an area for Japanese literature with the best novels in the language. The store also satiates the thirst for novelty reads with the latest scribes and comics.


Magrudy’s was founded in 1975 as part of a huge family business. This bookstore has a considerable customer base, and these are loyal customers built over time. They have shopped innumerable times. The knowledgeable staff caters to new clients’ needs as well.

They have many branches in the city. Initially, Magrudy’s used to sell toys, children’s books, and school supplies, but it has evolved with time and changed its niche to become one of the best bookstores in Dubai.

The shop has grown by leaps and bounds, and it has developed relationships with local schools. It played an important part in community life, encouraging people to read. The shop provides an excellent opportunity to engage with writers since they are invited to book signing events and run the greatest book clubs.

House of Prose

Another finest outlet is House of Prose, owned by Mike McGinley. The owner of this bookshop is an American. At 65, he offers some fascinating prints, and the stocks have some of the best second-hand books. Dubai has seen the bookstore grow in the last 20 years. It provides a lot of variety at reasonable pricing.

This fantastic bookstore has books on science fiction and cookbooks. The store also has some incredible prints on travel, crime, and humor. One of the icings on the cake is a buy-back policy in which returned books may be purchased for half the price.

Book in hand

Book World

Book World is a popular bookshop, and it is located in one of Satwa’s busiest by-lanes. Resident booklovers and tourists from around the world can browse fresh new books as well as ancient ones that may break apart at any point. The price range is reasonable for literary enthusiasts, and it is one of their favorite hangouts in the city. Readers can select from romantic books to encyclopedias that adorn the shelves.

Book Plus

One of the oldest shopping malls is Lamcy Plaza that hosts Book Plus. The bookstore offers a wide array of fiction books and, of course, non-fiction stuffs. This bookstore has a relationship with Gardeners, the most prominent books wholesaler in the UK. Gardener promises to provide British books for this store at no additional cost. Within 2 to 3 weeks, the books are delivered to the Dubai shop.

This store’s main attractions are fiction novels and children’s books, specializing in periodicals, cards, presents, and even the latest CDs and DVDs.

Book ‘n’ Bean

Book ‘n’ Bean is a potential extension of the House of Prose Store in Dubai. It is a welcoming setting that provides the most incredible reading experience. It’s at Ace Hardware Store and has a substantial book collection. There is an excellent coffee shop with a much-needed Wi-Fi connection to browse the newest books on offer.

The novels are arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname. In addition, the business provides a loyalty card with each purchase of a book or a cup of coffee. Returning the purchased books in excellent condition earns you a 50% discount on your next buy.


The treasure trove Bookworm, located in the small lanes of Jumeirah, is frequented by young readers in Dubai. The store is filled with shelves brimming with brightly colored books designed to entice readers. These books are juxtaposed with toys and capture the fancy of the readers with consummate ease.

On Thursdays, Arabian tents are erected, and readers are treated to a fantastical setting filled with fairy lights. Listeners can enjoy the stories while sitting on bean bags in the tent for an hour or two.

Final Words

If you do not visit these Dubai gems, you lose out on a magnificent selection of books. The city has a dramatic past and a diverse range of literature. The galleries here, display prints from other nations by prominent authors from all around the world. With many quality bookshops located in every nook and cranny of the city, the neighborhood is a potential alternative for bibliophiles. So, the next time you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to stop by one of these world-class bookstores.