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Top 10 BMW Service Centers in Dubai

BMW Garages and Workshops

For over a century, BMW has been regarded as the pinnacle of grandeur, style, and luxury, often serving not only as an efficient automobile but also as a sign of opulence for its owner. Its splendid demeanor makes it a highly sought-after commodity for those lucky enough to afford it and experience its magnificence.

But having a high-end vehicle like BMW requires regular maintenance and top-notch services by the best in the business. You can’t compromise when it comes to providing on-board diagnosis for this dream car. This is why you need handy information on the best BMW service centers in Dubai that offer an unparalleled level of expertise through their exceptional automotive care. Take a look.

Gargash Auto

Relying on the expert service of its certified mechanics, Gargash Auto is one of the most recognizable faces in Dubai when it comes to everything a BMW owner would need assistance with. Here, you will be able to get a general check-up, top up all your BMW fluids, get a top-class car wash, get a road test, and overhaul the air, oil, and A/C filters, as per your requirement in hand.

Since BMW follows a holistic approach towards not only caring for the pleasure of its owner but also being responsible for the environment, recycling is a crucial part of the brand. This calls for a type of service that can improve upon the sustainability of the vehicle and that is where Gargash Auto comes to your aid.

A BMW can be a lifetime investment. So, it only makes sense to put it in the trusted hands of only certified mechanics, like that of Gargash Auto, which makes use of contemporary resources to service, repair, and customize your car.

Contact Details – +971 56 415 6637


Address – Al Qusais Industrial Area 4, 208 Amman St, Dubai

Max Garage

Max Garage offers industry-led innovative and independent (non-dealer) services while also functioning as a repair garage for BMWs. Here, you can be certain of efficiency since it is an ESMA Certified 5-Star garage where you would be assisted by qualified and highly trained experts who would take care of your BMW’s needs as per its manufacturer’s specifications.

To begin with, they would provide free collection and delivery of your car, as long as it is in Dubai. Next, any issues related to the oil filter, oil change, engine oil, air pressure, spark plugs check, brake check, tire check-up, A/C check-up, A/C filter replacement, fluids top up, road test, and car wash and sanitization are taken care of here.

If you want a single detailed inspection of the vehicle that comes with a 60-point check, it can also be arranged at a moment’s notice. Having over four decades of experience under its belt, Max Garage not only is affordable but also reliable.

Contact Details – +971 04 321 3540


Address – 29th St – Al Quoz Ind 4, Dubai, UAE

Autohaus Middle East

The high temperatures and dusty environment in Dubai can at times be unforgiving. As such, if you own or are renting a car for a few weeks or days, it behooves you to give it the special attention it deserves. This is especially true for luxury cars such as BMWs. After all, BMWs are not something you are buying every day. They are your treasure. Keeping this in mind, Autohaus Middle East ensures that your favorite car gets the delicate yet modern service suited to its persona.

Known for its attention to detail and quick servicing, Autohaus Middle East has created a reputation for itself in Dubai which is evident by the number of its trusted clients. Its team of technicians is trained to be skilled at handling anything you throw at them when it comes to handling BMWs.

Included in its range of services are full inspection, electronic diagnostics, A/C  diagnostics, oil fluid and filter change, suspension repair and service, wheel and tire replacement, transmission service, coolant repairs, and brake flushes, to name a few.

Contact Details – +971 04 889 5445


Address – Dubai Investment Park 1, UAE

Swiss Auto Services

BMWs are designed in a way to make you stand out from the rest. It not only excels in style but also in performance. One ride on it, and anyone can understand why this is regarded as one of the finest driving machines that you will have the experience of. To maintain its peak performance, this splendid car needs the care of a trusted maintenance crew and a safe environment, both of which you will get at Swiss Auto Services, which has its workshop both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Swiss Auto Services prides itself on providing customized service and brand specialization since luxury cars are significantly different from your average everyday cars. Irrespective of which series your BMW belongs to, the trained professionals of this repair center will make sure your BMW stands the test of time in UAE’s hot and humid conditions.

Its range of services includes transmission, gearbox, engine, A/C, suspension, and cooling system repair, along with software programming, engine refurbishment, touchless wheel alignment, pre-purchase inspection, and camera calibration, among others.

Contact Details –  +971 8 007 9477


Address – Street 13C, Al Quoz, Dubai

German Experts

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled crew, German Experts has positioned itself as one of the highly requested BMW service centers in Dubai. Part of its success has risen from its never-ending dedication to providing nothing less than perfection, which makes it a trusted source for luxurious car owners in Dubai.

No matter if your BMW belongs to Series One through Eight or the M, X, or Z series, this is your one-stop shop for everything that your car may need help with. Apart from BMW, German Experts also have expertise in providing services for Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Bugatti, Land Rover, Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, and Volkswagen, among others.

They are known to provide service in not only the electrical and mechanical aspects of your BMW but also in the department of software programming and body shop. Not to mention full-scale inspections are also performed here.

Contact Details – +971 50 108 8414


Address – Al Manara Street – Al Quoz- Dubai

Orange Auto Dubai

BMW as sturdy as it may be, needs the fine and exquisite handling of trained professionals. After all, this is not a car you can bring through to any car repair centers you pass by on the road. Orange Auto Dubai counts on its up-to-date repairing methods and authentic BMW parts alongside expert personnel to deliver top-notch service that will strengthen the durability and functionality of your prized possession.

Rotation services, paint protection, oil change, wheel rim restoration, interior repairs, dent repairs, nano ceramic painting, nitrogen filling, suspension and brake repair, along with general mechanical and electrical services and repairs, are what Orange Auto Dubai excels in.

Its professionalism is reflected in the fact that it only partners up with genuine parts from trusted brands, like how it only uses 3M’s lubricants and tinting films.

Contact Details – +971 43 49 1551


Address – 364-425, 318th Road, Opp National Taxi Garage, Al Quoz Ind 3, Dubai, UAE

Deutsches Auto Service Center

Whether bought by millionaires or rented by enthusiasts and tourists, BMWs are always sparkling on the roads of Dubai. To keep up the craftsmanship of your BMW effervescent, it needs regular and trusted maintenance. Someone like Deutsches Auto Service Center who has witnessed the evolutions of BMW in the past couple of decades, is exactly the right candidate for it.

Having been in the business for over a quarter of a century, the Deutsches Auto Service Center knows a thing or two about taking care of high-end cars like BMWs. So, whether to conduct an inspection or to renovate your old BMW, this is the place you need to keep in your phone’s note app if you want to make your car practically new again.

Tinting, painting, paint protection, wheel alignment, chip tuning, valeting, exhaust modification, dent removal, sanitization, A/C repair, transmission repair, and wheel refurbishment are some of its fine works that you should avail from.

Contact Details – +971 04 323 2832


Address – Unit 2-3, Corner of 15th & 22nd Streets, Dubai

Royal Prince Auto Care

Known for its timely examination and persistence to ensure engine efficiency, Royal Prince Auto Care is where you need to head if you are looking for a comprehensive service life extension for the grandeur of a car such as BMW.

With free vehicle inspection, free pickup and delivery, free car wash and vacuum with any service, skilled professionals, fair pricing, and accurate diagnostics, you can leave your worries behind when you are entering with your BMW to this centre. As its name suggests, a royal car like BMW needs royal treatment.

From auto body repair, brake services, A/C repair, professional computer diagnostic and reprogramming, oil change service, and car painting, along with other general mechanical and electrical repairs, this place leaves no stone unturned to take care of your royal ride.

Contact Details – +971 56 533 7975


Address – Dubai Investment Park 2, Jebel Ali in Dubai

Premier Car Care

A leading car service centre of the city, the Premier Car Care is run by three industry experts who have decades of experience in handling British, Italian, and German luxury vehicles. With the vision of enhancing the quality of every journey, the trio aims at enriching car ownership experiences for their customers.

Although their line of service encompasses all brands and models, their core focus is servicing luxury brands. From boosting the efficacy of the engines to fine-tuning the inner working of the car, from improvising the infotainment and comfort for the riders to renovating the exterior and interior of the car, they cover it all.

By keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest tools, technology, and advancements, you can rest assured that your BMW is not missing the current trends of its peers.

Contact Details – +971 4 339 4770


Address – Al Quoz 1, Near ETA, Behind Home Center Warehouse, Dubai, UAE

Octane Car Service

Deriving their name from the measurement of quality ignition of the fuel, Octane Car Service is your pit stop if you are looking to take care of your luxury car. A dedicated BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover specialist, this high-end automobile service provider was created in 2005 by the same people who were noted for their contribution to bringing the West Coast Customs to the Middle East.

Their range of service includes complete AC servicing which involves the replacement of evaporators, dryer bottles, and compressors, while also repairing engines including the head and oil gaskets, temperature issues, and engine overhaul. Furthermore, any assistance related to upgrading the turbo, tuning, oil coolers, intercoolers, suspension, and body kits is also taken care of.

You will also get your routine safety check-ups of belts, tires, brakes, filters, and fluid levels along with vehicle appraisals that will help you in assessing the history and condition of your BMW.

Contact Details – +971 55 288 8447


Address – Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, 19th Street P.O. Box: 37753, Dubai, UAE

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a BMW Repair Centre

Before finalizing your choice for a repair center for your BMW, make sure you brush through the following points in your head and how many of them match your choice.

  • A center dedicated specifically to BMWs.
  • Certified technicians trained specifically to handle BMWs.
  • A clean track record of past reviews through customer testimonials and online feedback.
  • Usage of real genuine BMW equipment and parts and access to the manufacturer’s catalog.
  • Post-sales warranty coverage.
  • Sophisticated and up-to-date diagnostic tools


A BMW is a lifelong investment and something that you have potentially given your hard-earned money for. It is more than just a vehicle to take you from one place to another. It offers a majestic experience and status that is seldom repeated. So, it falls upon you to treat it like a king and give it the best in the business.

Dubai, being one of the modern cities of the world, has no dearth of BMWs and service centers that take care of them. But finding the authentic one and saving your car from fraudulence is paramount. After all, it only gets better when you elongate the life cycle of your BMW and give it a spotless, efficient future.