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What is the Best Time for a Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai

VIP Desert Safari has become one of the most enchanting places for tourists in the UAE. The red sand dunes and sunset in the evening look phenomenal to capture.

Dubai itself is the most visited spot for tourists. The skyscrapers, safari, and Desert all are joyful places for your family and acquaintances.

Moreover, Dubai ranked 4th for most visited tourists after Bangkok, London, and Paris. It has over 19-million overall tourists.

Dubai, for ages, has been known for its high building and malls. A swath of people from every corner of the world visits Dubai every year to make their weekends memorable.

Moreover, the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai is a long tour to experience in the city. There are different packages and times to visit Dubai Desert Safari.

In the next phase of the blog, we’ll guide you about what’s the best time to tour Desert Safari in Dubai.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Best time to visit Dubai Desert Safari

The exquisite camel riding, thrilling dune bashing on a red, riding a quad bike, and enjoying the BBQ at night all come when you visit VIP Desert Safari.

Dubai Safari has a couple of packages, which are: –

Morning Desert Safari

You would the scorching heat while on a 4×4 Land cruiser, which picks you up from your hotel and takes you to Morning Desert Safari. The expedition was memorable for those who were visiting for the first time.

Riding on the back of a camel or sandboarding in the evening is a wholesome feeling. Moreover, the dune bashing and horse riding on the uneven terrain sounds phenomenal. It’s a feeling of an adrenaline rush, and haphazardly beating hurts.

Overnight Desert Safari

Are you not comfortable with the sun? If you want to avoid the day time heat, then opt for overnight Desert Safari packages and dine under the stars.

You would love the enthralling belly dance, refreshments, and fresh BBQ, which overload your appetite. It is more expensive than Morning Desert Safari, as it has more exquisite things to enjoy.

At midnight, you’ll sleep under a net and count the stars if you want. The serenity of the night sky is something you might haven’t felt.

There are two best times to visit VIP Desert Safari. You can tour this in the summer season or off summer. The summer season is usually between July and September, and off-summer is between November and March.

Desert Safari Evening

What to have during the tour of VIP Desert Safari in Dubai?

As we mentioned, the scorching heat can affect your health and causes dehydration. For that, you should do the following: –

  • Bring refreshment items like water, coffee, and soft drinks in your backpack.
  • Don’t forget to have some spare cash with you, as you might have to pay the photographer at the campsite. Also, you can give a tip to the driver if you like the service.
  • Bring some extra clothes with you, as it becomes cold in the night time.

Rules and Regulations of Dubai Safari Park

Besides enjoyment and fun, there are some strict rules and regulations of the VIP Desert Safari. You should acknowledge yourself and your acquaintances and contemplate these rules, so you may not face the music later on the journey.

Let’s check them out.

  • Don’t smoke during the tour; there are other places designated where you can smoke.
  • Don’t drink any alcoholic drinks, such as wine, vodka, beer, etc., inside the park.
  • People often use drones to record, i.e., YouTubers, etc. It is prohibited not to use any inside the park.
  • Don’t feed any of the animals inside the park, and no littering. Respect every species inside the park.
  • You’re not allowed to venture into areas that are prohibited from visiting. Please follow every instruction provided by the staff.
  • Any tool or toy, such as guns, balloons, etc., is strictly not allowed inside the park.
  • Any bike or scooter is prohibited from being inside the park; they have all the facilities available.
  • Any pets such as dogs, kittens, cats, etc., aren’t allowed to visit VIP Desert Safari.
  • There are restaurants and camps available for you, so refreshments from outside aren’t allowed in the park.
  • Babies must be carried out by adults carefully.

These were some of the rules of Dubai Desert Safari, which should be strictly followed by the tourists and other staff members, too.

Safety Tips for Dubai Desert Safari

  • Always check in which vehicle you are venturing into the park. It must have safety conditions such as airbags, special seats for kids, and air conditioning. Moreover, it should be medically perfect and hygiene.
  • Wear light clothes when visiting VIP Desert Safari. Try avoiding wearing black color, as you’ll get too warm in the Desert. People are vulnerable to heatstroke in the Desert.
  • The driver should be trained and experienced, who is enough to face the uneven terrains in the Desert. So, the drivers’ skills and experience matter a lot in dune bashing.
  • Always wear seat belts while dune bashing; accidents can occur anytime during the expedition of dune bashing.

These are some of the safety tips of the Dubai Desert safari, which you should focus on before stepping into the Desert. If you don’t follow the safety tips, you might harm yourself in the heat.


In a nutshell, a VIP desert safari includes a lot of facilities and enjoyment for its visitors. There are different packages with several activities. Packages like Morning, Evening, and Overnight Safari includes a lot of amusing things to enjoy.

Albeit there are rules and regulations that should also be followed by you and your acquaintances. Also, follow the safety tips initiated by us above. The dune bashing in the scorching heat, Camel ride in the sunset, and quad bike riding let you experience the best days of your life.

You can capture them with your camera, as they become a memory. Enjoy the delicious food in the camps and restaurants, which is mouthwatering.