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Best Places for Shopping Clothes on a Budget in Dubai

Places for shopping in Dubai

Affordable Shopping in Dubai

Shopping options are an attraction for every modern city, and Dubai is not far behind. The city has many shopping landmarks where you can get the best deal. In some tourist destinations, the price tags loom large, and it is unimaginably high. But this megacity has several shopping destinations where you can buy clothes, and it will not hurt your wallet.

Brand stores and shopping malls are full of trendy men’s and women’s clothing that are budget-friendly. Moreover, one can get their hands on the best accessories and footwear at affordable rates.

Shopping at a reasonable price in Dubai

Some of the best places for shopping at reasonable pricing in the megacity are listed below:

Dubai Outlet Mall

This is the best place in the city where you can get your hands on some brands from last season’s stock. It is a bustling spot where you are given the most incredible options for fashion and lifestyle purchases.

The slashed prices and the plethora of designs make it a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts. People gather in significant numbers throughout the day and catch hold of the best deal with lower price tags.

The Outlet Village

This is a buzzing place where every branded product is up for sale, and the customers get the best deal with affordable price tags. Heavy discounts are offered on accessories and handbags. The cheap deals drive in the crowd. It takes 45 minutes from Dubai City Center to reach the location.

Branded bags at half the original price and last season’s party dresses are a passing fancy. You can take a cab ride and buy the best clothes and footwear from brands like Hugo Boss, Nike, DKNY, Roberto Cavalli, and many more.

Tchibo and Brands For Less

Both the stores are famous for their trendy outfits and are available at multiple locations across Dubai. They offer stellar clothes. Fashion enthusiasts are drawn to them because of the crazy cheap deals. Tchibo is a German clothing line and offers a great ambiance for binge shopping. The high-end fashion store can give you the best wardrobe makeover. Brands For Less has innumerable options for both men and women.


Retold in Dubai is a one-stop shopping destination with a huge collection of second-hand attires. Sian Rowland is the founder of the store who believes in offering long-lasting clothes instead of trendy ones. The store came into existence to encourage the buyers to purchase the best second-hand outfits and snub the brand-new ones with high price tags. This is a big innovation on the part of the founder, who has ushered in a new revolution and changed the prevailing fashion notion.

The boutique at Al Barsha is 3,000 square feet and has the best designer labels and high street fashion clothes, and most of them are second-hand.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart is another fashion destination for cloth lovers in Dubai, where all the products are available at affordable rates. The buyers can also check out trendy accessories and footwear at the lowest prices. All the products found in this gigantic mall come from China, where it is made and later on imported.

This perfect shopping spot in Dubai offers a wide array of branded clothes from top-notch outlets like Mata and H&M. This mall epitomizes cheap shopping in the city under one umbrella.

Best places for shopping clothes in Dubai


This is a haven for luxury brands where people throng from all parts of Dubai. Garderobe has garnered massive popularity from its inception and offers the best brands for everyday people. The popular brands of luxury products include Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Celine, to name a few.

Garderobe is an attraction in Dubai’s skyline, captivating customers from all walks of life. The buyers can visit their website and buy products with the cheapest deals. Garderobe at Jumeriah Beach Road offers the best collection to revamp the city’s premier classes’ wardrobe.

Global Village

Global Village is a popular shopping destination in downtown Dubai which is also has a theme park to attract visitors. Trending clothes are offered at reasonable pricing, and all of them come from different countries. Between November and April, the site is a hive of activity with stalls from all over the world, and it has everything in place to entice buyers. The ambiance and tempting prices will entice you to return to this budget-friendly shopping destination.

Al Karama

Al Karama, located on the outskirts of Dubai, is one such shopping location. Fashionistas are guaranteed to find their favorite outfits at affordable prices and within their budget. Al Karama provides significant savings compared to its rivals in Dubai malls, and prices may be reduced further following a successful negotiating session.

The streets of Karama feature the most fabulous apparel, purses, watches, and shoes at reasonable costs. Although there is a lot of debate over whether these items are genuine or not, one may still negotiate for the best deal. This area is teeming with fashionistas and is only a 20-minute drive from Dubai.

Wafi Mall

WAFI is a mixed-use project in Dubai, UAE. A shopping mall, hotel, restaurants, condos, and a nightclub are all part of the complex. This mall is themed after Ancient Egypt and includes over 300 stores. Shoppers are exposed to beautiful items ranging from inexpensive to premium labels. The architecture is stunning. The Khan Murjan Souk in the mall is modeled after Baghdad in the 14th century. Traditional Arabian clothing is in high demand, with sellers flocking from all over the Arab world to show and sell their wares.

Bagatelle Boutique

Once you visit this place, you will get the same vibe as visiting Retold and Garderobe. The buyers will be treated to luxury products previously owned by brands like Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton. The authentic and exotic pieces have a classic zeal, and the fashion lovers have a great time visiting the place. The buyers can upgrade their wardrobe as they can sell their products, thus making for a viable option.

Wrapping Up

Most shoppers are drawn to the fast-changing styles and big brands. They seek the ideal bargain at the lowest possible price, and what better location to do it than Dubai, where you can visit various places for inexpensive shopping. So, once you get in this desert city, don’t forget to go through these shops where you may obtain amazing affordable apparel offers that will brighten your day.