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Best Outdoor Activities in Dubai to Try This Year

View of Dubai from water

Top outdoor activities to try in Dubai

Every year, the best outdoor activities in Dubai attract tons of tourists from all over the world. And it’s easy to see why: the city is beautiful, and there’s a wide assortment of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are things to do for couples, adults and children, and the types of activities range from relaxing to adventurous. One of the best ways to enjoy these activities is just to explore Dubai while you’re in the city. However, knowing about the best attractions can help you enjoy your vacation much more. So, in order to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best outdoor activities in Dubai to try this year.

Dune Bashing

The city of Dubai is constantly changing and growing, but one thing always stays the same: dune bashing and the community around it. Not far from the city itself, you can find the beautiful red sands of Dubai’s dune. The landscape is picturesque, which makes it ideal for exciting off-roading. Every day you can find 4x4s heading to the dunes for an exciting experience, and you can enjoy this too.

Jeeps ride the dunes downwards at a 45-degree angle and kick up the sand as they do. It’s a very unique experience that needs to be experienced firsthand. Thrill seekers from around the world come to Dubai to experience dune bashing. And after you’re done getting your adrenaline fix, you should consider visiting some historical places in Dubai. After all, the city has a long and storied history, and it would be a shame not to learn about it.

View of Dubai desert

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi has almost become synonymous with the city itself. It was opened in the late 90s and showed the world how exciting and ridiculous a waterpark can really be. It’s been over twenty years since its opening, and Wild Wadi remains Dubai’s greatest waterpark and one of its most famous attractions. The park contains massive slide drops, surf simulators, wave pools capable of creating massive waves and everything in between.

And, if you’re worried about family time, the waterpark is very kid friendly. As a matter of fact, it’s going to make for an unforgettable experience for your children. If you’re worried, however, there are plenty of other things to do in Dubai suitable for children. Your children will have a blast almost anywhere in the city, so don’t worry about it too much. However, plan the trip ahead of time if you’re bringing children, just to be safe.

Hot Air Ballooning

Dubai’s desert is beautiful from any angle, but a truly extraordinary experience is viewing Dubai and its desert from a hot air balloon. When flying in a hot air balloon, you can really appreciate the full scale of the desert. Also, the dunes look massive, smooth and cresting when viewed from above. Hot air ballooning is an incredibly unique and relaxing experience in Dubai.

If you’re looking for some more excitement, however, keep in mind that Balloon Adventures Dubai has partnered with Royal Shaheen Falconers and offers falcon races thousands of feet in the air. It’s an amazing experience you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And when you’re done with your adventures in the sky, you should also consider trying some indoor activities in Dubai as well. A lot of them are a great way to relax after a long day of adventures.

Hot air balloon over desert

Outdoor Bootcamps

If you’re worried about fitness, Dubai has a solution for you: outdoor Bootcamps. When the outdoor Bootcamp fitness craze hit the world, Dubai followed suit. Now, there are many high quality Bootcamps for anyone who wants to take care of their fitness while visiting Dubai. These Bootcamps are dotted around the city and mainly focused on calisthenics and endurance training which might be the exact thing you need to take your fitness to the next level. However, experts from Dubai Personal Trainers recommend that you take care of yourself as well.

If you notice you can’t keep up with the Bootcamp, call it quits before getting seriously hurt. The last thing you want is to ruin your vacation with an easily avoidable injury, after all. So, while fitness is definitely important, make sure to respect your limits and don’t push yourself too far. Remember, everything should be in moderation, especially intense training.

A Variety of Parks

Waterparks, regular parks, theme parks, Dubai has them all. From the vertical plunges and Hollywood themes in Motiongate to Bollywood Parks and the amazing Legoland Dubai, there is a wide variety of parks to visit in Dubai, which are sure to be fun for the whole family. You could spend entire weeks in Dubai just exploring the parks, and you wouldn’t be able to experience all of them.

When you also consider the retail haven and wondrous, picturesque beauty of Riverland, there’s enough to keep you occupied for several months in the city. Also, you should consider visiting some of the beach clubs in Dubai if you’re looking for something different. This overabundance of things to do is why tourists keep coming to and revisiting the city every year. After all, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the best outdoor activities in Dubai, which are offered year-round to all visitors.

View of Dubai beach

Wrap Up

There’s a very good reason why Dubai is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists. The city is full of beauty and excitement, and this is reflected in the activities it offers to its visitors. In Dubai, you can easily find all sorts of adventures and relaxing activities, from the many beaches to dune bashing and all the way to hot air balloons. If you are in Abu Dhabi, you can visit Saadiyat Beach Club for a luxuriously relaxing day.

It doesn’t matter what sort of adventure or relaxation you enjoy; there’s enough to keep you busy for months. This is one of the main reasons why tourists keep coming back to this wonderful city. We hope this list of the best outdoor activities in Dubai to try this year helps you plan your trip, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.