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Indian Dance Bars and Night Clubs in Dubai

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Indian Dance Bars and Night Clubs in Dubai

Best Indian Dance Bars and Night Clubs in Dubai

Thousands of tourists flock to Dubai every year, primarily for two reasons for shopping and Dubai’s nightlife. Dubai being the dream city, does not fall short on providing the best of both. The nightlife in Dubai offers something for everybody—from glamorous and elegant to casual and laid back. Right from international club brands to several local night clubs, all are available in Dubai. These attract a large number of tourists and locals. Catering to the large Indians in Dubai, Indian night clubs in Dubai also dominates the clubbing culture. The Indian dance bars and night clubs are dispersed in various locations in the megacity, which are easily accessible from everywhere.

Some of the most renowned Indian DJs, pop stars, and Indian bands perform at these Indian clubs in Dubai. These clubs provide everything you desire from a perfect night club experience—live music, loud foot-tapping beats, EDM, cocktails, and lip-smacking food. Most Indian night clubs are heavily Bollywood inspired. You can also find a few south Indian night clubs and dance bars, catering to the huge south Indian expat population in Dubai.

Most of these nightclubs are located in prominent hotels and serve as restaurants in the daytime. Many Indian restaurants in Dubai have a bar setting that hosts dance performances, live bands, and people dancing to the groovy beats of different genres of music. These spaces completely transform into magnanimous night clubs at night, attended by some of the most “hip and happening” crowd of the city. These night clubs definitely bust the myth of Dubai being a conservative holiday destination. However, there are certain government guidelines that you need to adhere to. People below 21 years are not allowed in night clubs.

So, if you love to dance or just want to witness the night culture, Dubai has a lot to offer. Choose from the list given below, as they are some of the best Indian night clubs in Dubai that you can visit.

Top 10 Indian Night Clubs and Dance Bars in Dubai

It's Mirchi Night Club Dubai

1. It’s Mirchi

As the name suggests, the place caters to some of the hottest and swankiest crowd in the city. “It’s Mirchi” is located in Al Karama inside Ramee Royal Hotel. The moment you enter the place, you notice the beautiful interior adorned with photo frames of prominent Bollywood stars and all-time classic movies.

The night club opens for service from 11:30 pm onwards. It serves popular mouth-watering dishes ranging from cuisines of the north-western part of India like kebabs and barbeques to non-veg and veg from the southernmost parts of India. All this is accompanied by a generous spread of buffet that leaves you baffled for choices. It is, in a literal sense, a food paradise for foodies. It’s Mirchi offers the best Indian buffet deals in Dubai.

The dance floor also opens after 11:30 pm. The cocktail of desi Bollywood music with DJ’s beats pull even the non-dancers on the dance floor. Every Friday night, it also organizes karaoke competitions, loved by their regular visitors. Whether you are a good singer or sound like a cat, everything stops mattering after a few drinks.

The place is popularly known as Mirchi Club Dubai. For couples and groups, entry is free. It may cost you around AED 200 for two persons for food, excluding drinks.

Visit “It’s Mirchi” for its ambiance, dance floor, and awesome food.

Chingari Dance Bar Dubai

2. Chingari

Chingari, as the name suggests, has all the abilities to kindle the spark inside you. If you go with the reviews, this is probably one of Dubai’s most happening night clubs.  This place is hip among the youngsters in Dubai, who frequently gather here for meeting up and thrilling ambiance. “Chingari” is located in Avari Dubai Hotel at Al Rigga (not to be confused with Chingari 2 in Sun & Sky Hotel Deira).

This Indian club in Dubai serves the perfect blend of drinks, food, and fun time. You can come, chill and relax with your friends or hop onto the dance floor to dance till all your tensions and worries wear off. The DJ mostly plays a mix of Bollywood songs and other Punjabi and Indian tunes. The place has talented in-house performers who also perform on dance tunes ranging from disco, Bollywood mixes, and techno.

Chingari serves delicious and authentic flavors from northern India. Moreover, if you plan to celebrate your special days there, be prepared for their fast service and complements like chocolates or drinks. The average cost for two people may cost around AED 300.

Visit “Chingari” for its food, performances, and celebrating special days.

Simbly South Night Club Dubai

3. Simbly South

Simbly South is a self-claimed No. 1 Dravidian brand and south Indian club night in Dubai. What makes its club night and not night club? The club night takes place every first Friday, and the location is changed every time with a new concept. Well, the whole idea of Simbly South is quirky and innovative. It was founded by south Indian couple Jim Thomas and Roshni. The concept of the club night is a massive hit among the UAE’s huge south Indian community. The event is frequented by celebrities and famous guests from the south Indian entertainment industry.

The concept was well-received, and all their club nights are generally sold-out. Simbly South successfully broke the pre-conceived notion of night clubs and dance bars in Dubai. Some of the highlights of the club nights in Dubai are movie premiere after-parties, yacht parties, providing platforms to local talents, executing the first silent disco (where people use headphones to listen to music). Follow them on Facebook to know about the latest upcoming fun night.

It perfectly combines the club and lounge experience by redefining the whole clubbing scene in Dubai. This night club in Dubai got nominated several times for the best Asian club category in Masala Awards Dubai. Simbly South is all about South Indian music with a pinch of Bollywood in it. Their DJs unleashes everything on the dance floor, including Mollywood, Kollywood, high-octane bass, and Dravidian massive bass.

Visit Simbly South for meeting people, laughter, hard-core dancing, and the energy that the crowd brings in. 

Club 321C

4. Club 321C

Club 321C is an impressive Indian dance bar in Dubai that makes you feel relaxed with its stunning ambiance and energetic music—accompanied by dance performances by their in-house artists. It is located in the Capitol Hotel in Al Mina road, which is less than 3 km from the Gold Souk.

The dance bar provides a perfect combination of exotic dance performances, shisha, drinks, and food. It is a four-star hotel and attracts all kinds of the crowd. The club opens a bit earlier than other night clubs, around 9:30 pm, and stays open till 4:00 am. The dance bar arranges different theme weekend nights, mostly related to Bollywood and music.

Visit Club 321C for food, exotic performances, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Mehendi Dance Bar Dubai

5. Mehendi Dance Bar

Mehendi Dance Bar in Bur Dubai is one of the best ones in the area. It is easily accessible and occupies a convenient position, just minutes away from the World Trade Center. The place is frequented by businesspeople. It is located in the stylish Grand Excelsior Hotel.

The place has several options to have a relaxing night. The place has 8 dining options and a rooftop pool table. The music they play is a mix of Indian, Arabic, and sometimes also arrange DJ nights. The exotic dances and cabarets are enjoyed by the visitors a lot. The place is a frequent hangout place of Indian and Pakistani businessmen and other expats in Dubai.

Visit Mehendi dance bar for dance performances, ambiance, and easy accessibility.

Bar Baar Dubai

6. Bar Baar

A daytime restaurant that completely transforms into a different place after 11 pm. However, the place is visited equally by people who are into music and people who love to dance. The club arranges different band nights, and various prominent Indian bands perform here.

The place has a fun atmosphere and the décor to match that. The moment you enter, you will notice the traditional hand paintings and 70s antique showpieces. The menu offers a range of fusion food like biryani arancini to panipuri served with foam. The cocktails are also following the fusion road, with funny Indianized names. We fell in love with Baapu, a yummy cocktail made from beetroot juice mixed with alcohol and served with liquid nitrogen.

Do you want to guess what the highlight of Bar Baar is? You can get drinks at just AED 10 every Tuesday. It is the perfect place if you have any pending treats. So, no more month-end troubles, plan your party anytime on Tuesday between 6 pm to 3 am.

Visit Bar Baar for a fun time, yummy food, dance, and music; basically everything.

Antakshari Night Club

7. Antakshari Night Club

The name says it all. Antakshari is a typical Bollywood styled Indian dance bar. The whole place is designed, keeping in mind their primary clientele, which are Indians in Dubai. Antakshari is situated in President Hotel at Karama. The bistro kind of setting was later modified to the lounge bar and night club.

The club invites the best Indian DJs in Dubai and from India. People who enjoy club dancing and Bollywood music can have an incredible time swaying to the beats. The club also plays English, International, and Arabic music. The club also has an exquisite shisha bar for people who enjoy smoking.

Visit Antakshari for a smart and elegant setting, fantastic food, and Bollywood music.

Boudoir Bar Dubai

8. Boudoir

Club Boudoir, located in Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, is one of Dubai’s finest night clubs. It is no easy feat to be nominated as the top 5 clubs in Dubai. It is one of the classiest and most elegant bars and restaurants. The things that stand out at Boudoir is their state-of-the-art sound system and frequenting celebrities.

The place offers the best clubbing experience in Dubai. The club has a strict dress code that includes smart, elegant attire and high heels for women. And for men, shirts with collars are mandatory. Guys can choose to wear smart jeans, but please avoid the ripped ones. Shorts and trainers are a strict no. The place is very much in demand, and it usually gets booked quickly, so make sure to book it beforehand.

The place opens up at 10 pm and remains open till 3 am. You can opt for their bottle service, which is ideal if you are planning your next birthday party there.

Visit Boudoir for a great lively atmosphere, music, sound system, and special day celebrations like birthday parties.

Stratos Night Club

9. Stratos

Stratos is one of the best nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, located in the Le Meridien Hotel. The place offers everything from a 360-degree view of the city from their rooftop restaurant. It is the only revolving bar and restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The place is a beauty in motion, and be prepared to have a divine gastronomic experience.

The menu is vegetarian friendly, and you also get vegan and keto options. However, to enjoy all this, you need to adhere to their strict dress code policy.

Visit Stratos for a classy, elegant, and innovative clubbing experience.

Zinc Night Club

10. Zinc

Zinc nightclub in Dubai is for those who love to party hard. The place is known for its pacey night outs and attracts party animals around the city. If you are someone who loves to dance all night long, Zinc is the place for you. Their dance floor is never empty, thanks to their in-house DJ, who exactly knows how to get the party started.

Zinc is not an Indian night club, but you can find many young Indian expats visiting. The place is situated in Crowne Plaza at Sheikh Zayed road.

Visit Zinc for a posh club experience and hip crowd.

Bottom line

Dubai deserves to be on the top of the leader board in the Middle East when it comes to vibrant nightlife options. Whether it’s the elegant and chic night clubs of Sheikh Zayed Road or the one in Dubai Creek in Deira, all offer the perfect clubbing experience that suits all classes. Dubai truly knows how to cater to every mood and every culture. The multiple options for Indian night clubs and bars in Dubai are a clear sign of it. So, go ahead and enjoy the enthralling nightlife of Dubai with an Indian twist.

Most of the Dubai night clubs, including the Indian ones, have a dress code policy, so check before you plan your night out. The night clubs generally prefer swankier outfits, and ladies are allowed to wear short skirts and micro-minis. However, if ladies plan to go to dancing bars in Deira or Bur Dubai, we recommend you dress with caution. Moreover, if you plan to go out somewhere else, carry a pashmina or a shrug with you.