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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in UAE

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in UAE

Top Health Insurance Companies in Dubai (UAE)

As people’s schedule gets complicated with each passing day, so does the diseases. This rising threat of non-communicable and communicable diseases increases the need for healthcare facilities hand-in-hand. Also, it is very crucial to balance both your health and financial matters at the same time. This involves tracking tabs on preventive measures and campaigns run by the UAE government.

Indeed, the administration is doing everything to educate the public and prepare them for the unknown. However, you must maintain dual protection. This may be accomplished by selecting the best health insurance. With around 60+ health insurance companies available in the UAE, choosing the most suitable one for you is undoubtedly tricky.

It requires a lot of analysis and deep thinking to select the correct one. It is not an easy task to go through everything about each of the companies and their policies. But you need to start from somewhere. Also, if you are someone about to or just moved to Dubai and urging to know about the city, begin with this as health comes first. Here are the top 10 health insurance companies in UAE and their services to help you with your selection.

Top 10 Health Insurance Providers in UAE

  1. Orient Insurance: Starting back in 1982, Orient Insurance is a prominent part of the Al-Futtaim Group. It is breaking its records and reaching new marks after its inception. This top medical insurance company offers varied ranges of insurance. Each of them caters significant set of requirements depending on the needs of the customers. It covers all sorts of medical complications, including comprehensive critical illness. This company earned the highest net profit straight for two years in the UAE. It even gained an “Excellent” rating by the AM Best. They are also present outside UAE in Oman, Bahrain, and Turkey.
  1. Alliance Insurance: This UAE-based health insurance company holding its position in this market for more than 40 years. Their policies are amazingly detailed. They are also categorized into several levels to meet the needs of each patient. Alliance was situated back in 1975, and its headquarter is in the Emirate of Dubai. However, their branches are spread across seven emirates. Their policies include SME, corporate, family, and retiree apart from individual health insurance plans. Their customer care services are available 24*7 for everybody.
  1. DNIRC: DNIRC is another well-known and people-friendly medical insurance company. It possesses around 30 years of experience in this business. Like others, even they render customized plans in every category. DNICR was the first company that got registered under Dubai Financial Market. They carry a large sum of public shareholders. Organizations like Swiss Re, SCOR, and Munich Re got their back too. It enjoys support from a huge network of medical facilities and hospitals. This company offers several corporate, individual, and family plans. They boast about five different networks of medical facilities. Each of them has its connections that provide an additional benefit to the DNICR.
  1. Sehteq: Established in 2017, Sehteq came into the market much later than its competitors. But made its presence recognizable in lesser time. With the support of Ras Al Khaimah Insurance, Sehteq climbed the ladder of success quickly. The company provides fully automated insurance solutions. It manages five of Dubai’s largest legacy health insurance businesses. It offers greater facilities and coverage, particularly for high-risk patients. You can even claim cashless approvals through digital payments in an emergency. They even have automatic reimbursement claim approvals and settlements with AI portals. Apart from that, Sehteq is a network provider partner with the topmost insurance companies like DNIRC and others.
Health Insurance Companies in UAE
  1. Watania: One of the most well-known sharia-compliant takaful medical insurance industries is Watania in Dubai. National Takaful company or Watania made its arrival in 2011. Three insurance companies, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, and Al Dar Properties, shook hands to bring Watania into the market. Watania presently is in partnership with MED Net, NAS, and Next Care and offers 10 various types of health insurance plans. This company provides a list of solutions with different budget ranges for all kinds of customers. It even renders alternative medicine cover and additional emergency mental health treatments for the customers.
  1. Noor Takaful: It is widely regarded as the UAE’s and Dubai’s second-largest takaful health insurance provider. It has an amazing customer base in the nation. It even evolved into a multi-million empire with its range of sharia-compliant insurance plans. Noor Takaful registered itself as a takaful insurance agency in 2009. It’s all insurance plans follow the Sharia laws of insurance. They even provide comprehensive benefits of the policies, including home country treatment options. There are around 1600 plus network hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics launched by Noor Takaful.
  1. Takaful Emarat: Founded in 2008, the Takaful Emarat Insurance PSC is another leading takaful provider to make its position on the list. They offer exclusive health and life insurance plans that comply with the takaful Sharia law. There is even an individualistic sharia committee at Takaful Emarat that regulates the takaful plans. They also overlook the operation of this health insurer. They provide a single-level plan for house help and all sorts of dependents like a driver, etc. You also get the opportunity to indulge parents’ independent insurance policies till the age of 65. Takaful Emarat’s plans also include optical and dental benefits in their private plans.
  1. Union Insurance: Another UAE-located insurance company established in 1998 is Union Insurance. It is popular among customers for offering insurance products surrounding all domains of the insurance business. Union Insurance Company got support from companies like QBA Europe, Swiss Reinsurance Company, and Lloyds. Hannover Reinsurance and Generali, and SCOR Reinsurance, also aid Union Insurance. It provides multiple options among medical insurance plans in a matter of services covered and benefits offered. At present, they have 3400+ network providers and 24*7 customer care services.
  1. Al Sagr Health Insurance: One of the oldest health insurance companies founded in 1979 is Al Sagr Health Insurance. The UAE’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce registered this health insurer. It even operates under Federal Insurance Law 9, which came into existence in 1984. Al Sagr Health Insurance is a public shareholding company that began with an investment of around AED 10 million. In the last 40 years, it has built a paid-up capital of AED 230 million.
  1. Daman Health Insurance: Daman Health Insurance is another newly introduced health insurer in Dubai. It is a non-life insurance company and intends to perform only health insurance plans. At present, Daman shares major connections with several healthcare providers. And they serve around 2.5 million customers. They have 4 different individual health plans and 7 different corporate insurance plans. Apart from that, there is one separate plan specifically designed for SMEs. They even have regular fitness events that their customers can access anytime. Also, they have unique programs targeting the needs of senior citizens.


The rising emergence of unusual diseases raised the necessity for health insurance. Hence, you must be vigilant and prepared to safeguard yourself, your family, and your company sector. And for that, it takes much more than just to eat healthily or order healthy foods online, even when you feel like having junk from outside. In a nutshell, get a health insurance plan today to take the first step toward living a healthy and secure life.