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5 Benefits of Renting a Car in Dubai

Dubai, the land of wonders, attracts innumerable tourists from around the world. Shopping, sightseeing, outdoor activities, and desert safari are on the bucket list of most tourists. If you visit the city during winter, you will find brimming with people of all colors and nationalities.

How to get around the city is one question most tourists ask. Should we rent a taxi or is the public service system enough? Is there any benefit of renting a car instead of hopping on a metro or bus? Renting a car in Dubai is much better than using public transport. This is because of the various benefits you get when you rent a car.

What are the benefits of renting a car in Dubai?

Offers flexibility

People look for flexibility when they visit a place for sightseeing. They should be able to visit places at their time and convenience. This is especially important when you are traveling with small children. Dubai has a lot of family friendly tourist spots. Going to different corners of the city with children can be challenging.

Car rentals in UAE offer much-needed flexibility that you need. You can rent a car at your time and convenience and go to places you want. This is not possible in the case of public transport, where you have to adjust your timing according to the transport facility.

Saves time

Public transport, whether it is metro, bus, or tram, has its fixed schedule. You have to follow the schedule to reach your destination. By renting a car, you can go directly to the place of interest rather than roaming around the city. This saves a lot of your precious time and energy.


The hygiene factor has gained a lot of importance post-Covid. Mask, sanitizer, and social distancing are given a lot of importance nowadays. This is not possible in the case of public transport.

Most car rentals offer masks and sanitizer to customers. Besides, the much-needed social distancing is also possible when you rent a car, as you do not have to sit close to strangers.


Privacy is very important, especially when you travel with your family. When renting a car, you are not sharing the space with strangers. Thus, you get much-needed privacy. Moreover, if you are carrying valuables, you need not worry about them as you are traveling with known people.


Renting a car is very convenient as you can book the facility online. All you have to do is specify the type of car and the date when you want to rent. The car will be ready as specified by you. Even if online facilities are not available, you can rent a car by giving a phone call.


To enjoy your stay in a tourist destination, conveyance plays a major role. You should be able to travel around at your convenience without depending on others. In a country like UAE where the petrol cost is less, renting a car is the best option. You need not shell out a huge amount when you rent a car. In addition, the time you save and the flexibility a car offers make renting a better option than traveling by public transport.