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Benefits of Guest Posting in Dubai in SEO and Branding

Guest posting in Dubai

Guest Posting in Dubai: Why you should do it?

You might already know about guest posting if you have a website and intend to draw organic traffic. And if you don’t, you are missing a gold mine of opportunity. Guest posting is one of the best and most effective SEO techniques.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting means writing and publishing your article on someone else’s website.”

When you publish something on your blog, it is called a post, but when you post it on another brand’s website or blog, it is called a guest post. And the website on which you post your content is called the host site. Guest blogging is a common practice by SEO experts for creating a quality backlink.

Guest Posts Help in Google Ranking

Getting referred by reputable and quality sites is a significant factor in how big search engines like Google rank your website. Generating backlinks is the main objective of guest blogging. When it comes to rank factors, backlinks play an important role. However, getting a quality backlink is not easy. That is why guest posting becomes so valuable. It is the easiest way and undoubtedly the most effective way to generate quality backlinks to your website.

The process of creating backlinks is simple. As the name suggests, backlinks (a link on the host site) link back to your website. A well-written informative guest post with relevant anchor text is published on a site with good traffic. The anchor text can be embedded in the text or the bio of the author. You can also decide what anchor text must be used. So, you can better optimize your backlink profile.

Why guest posting?

Chatters of bloggers form a large chunk of conversation on the internet. You can make your site part of that chatter with guest posting, which eventually introduces you to a new audience. Apart from this, guest posting is also an effective SEO strategy for a number of reasons. Some of them are:

Get real traffic to your site: You put your website out there for people to visit. It can be for sales, brand awareness, generating revenue from ad clicks, etc. However, even the most aesthetically appealing site fail to generate relevant traffic for their site. Guest Posts can help you achieve it. Choose the host site wisely and post a relevant article with the right anchor text. There is a high possibility a new segment of potential customers will discover you through these sites. However, all guest blogs are not created equal, and they might not yield similar results. You need to choose your site and the topic of the article wisely. For example, if you are a local business in Dubai, posting on a Dubai-based site that covers your niche is advisable.

Build your authority: Another common reason why companies opt for guest blogging is to build authority online. When you post your article on a site that seems to have authority in its domain, you also get a boost because of the association. The audience perceives you as an authority too. The more links you place in high-quality domains, your own site’s authority increases. Research has shown domain link authority has a strong connection with Google rankings.

Build quality backlinks: By now, you already know how crucial backlinks are for a strong SEO strategy. However, randomly placing your website link on multiple sites is not an excellent backlink-building strategy. It can adversely affect your website. Place your backlink on a site that speaks to your audience and ranks high on search engines for multiple keywords.

Get more exposure and brand awareness: Startups and companies in B2B domain can utilize guest posting to increase their online presence. The more your potential customers see or read about your services on multiple online platforms, the more your exposure and brand awareness will be. Guest posting as mentioned is also an excellent opportunity to get discovered by an entirely new segment of the audience who otherwise never be able to find you online.

Effective email marketing strategy: This is one of the hidden benefits of guest blogging. You can create a landing page for the email subscription and place the URL as an anchor link in your guest post. For people who are more interested in reading quality content about your niche, you can drive them to your landing page from the host site. More subscribers mean a larger audience and higher traffic to your own website.

Guest posting

Why should you guest post on a Dubai-based blogging site?

Whether you are in B2B domain, a service firm, or a startup that is aggressively using online platforms for marketing, all can benefit from guest posting. For a local business in Dubai, guest posting on a Dubai-based website can be highly beneficial. In fact, the local business doesn’t get full benefits from posting on websites based in other countries. Here are some of the factors you need to consider while choosing a host site.

  • The host site must cover Dubai-related topics, which your target market loves to read about.
  • Find a site that has the word Dubai in its domain name. For any business in Dubai, the term “Dubai” is one of the most important keywords. The probability of your guest post (about Dubai services) getting organically discovered is very high on such domains.
  • The content on the host site is focused on your niche or industry. For example, if you have a restaurant, choose sites that write about local food experiences, restaurant reviews, recipes, etc.
  • The blogs of the host site have a large and engaged readership, where the readers share or post comments.
  • Blogging sites that cover a wide range of topics are also a good fit. Provided they rank high on organic search results for various topics, have high traffic, and have good SEO metrics. Suppose, you are a pet shop in Dubai, check blogging sites that cover a wide range of topics about pets in Dubai. Even though the site also has other categories, your focus should be on how well your category is represented on their site and the traffic that category generates.
  • Finally, check where your competitors are posting.

Our Guest Post Services

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